Dell Foundation Pledges 3 million$

In support of victims of the tsunami ravaged countries in Asia, Michael and Susan Dell havedonated 3 million dollars to the relief effort, and encourage everyone to donate as much as they can to help out.

The linked article has links to various charities to which we can contribute that have ongoing relief efforts in Asia. Check it out, donate if you can, and if you can’t, send your prayers their way.… [Read More]

Man who imported Yugo to bring in “Chin-Go”?

Chinese cars… made by the chinese government, sold in the US market and designed to be… way cheap.

This could either be really good, or it could go the way of the Yugo. I will say, that the Yugo was wildly successful and this venture probably stands to make a lot of money, but… if the cars suck and have huge mechanical problems the way Yugos did… it might end up being a bust all over again. Still… it’ll be interesting to see what happens here.… [Read More]

Global Warming Bullshit?

At least it is according to Michael Crichton. And that’s saying something, considering the man was a card carrying Democrat for a number of years who had an amazing love of hugging trees. Apparently, while spending three years researching global warming for his new novel, State of Fear, Crichton discovered a simple fact. The global warming that everyone is complaining about amounts to a temperature shift of a third of a degree. And on top of that, the United States as a whole.. has recently seen two of the coldest summers that have transpired in the past century.

The author had to stop and ask himself after discovering all of this, “Where is the warming trend?”

He’s found mountains of evidence that state things that directly conflict with the theory of global warming, this evidence debunks global warming theory as junk science.

The article is interesting. Give it a read.… [Read More]

Anime Review: Ghost in the Shell: Innocence

Anyone who has watched anime at all, should have seen Ghost in the Shell at some point or another. There’s no need to get too involved in the backstory here. If you have come to this review not knowing anything about Ghost in the Shell, you shouldn’t be reading it. You need to head to the local video store and rent the first film. If you have seen the first one, there are some spoilers in this review… and I apologize in advance.

Soundtrack: Beautiful, in a haunting and creepy way, but not as beautiful as I would have liked. Honestly, the quality of the soundtrack for Stand Alone Complex is better. Yokko Kanno’s talents really shine in that series. This… it was good. It was haunting, it did the job, but was not as outstanding or impressive as I was expecting from a film bearing the name, “Ghost in the Shell”.… [Read More]