Boon for Sony in Fight to Establish Blu-Ray.

Disney has signed on!

Sony is known for supporting formats of superior quality that never catch on. Remember Betamax anyone?

Enter blu-ray. Sony’s latest entry into the DVD market, which reportedly has even higher quality than the alternative format designed by Toshiba, HD-DVD. There are rumors that the PS3 will have blu-ray technology on board when it is released.

With HP and Dell already backing them (and promising to release PC’s with blu-ray compatible drives next year) and Disney signing on to release DVDs in the format, it’s anyone’s guess as to who is going to win out. If Disney stays on board with blu-ray, I suspect Sony may win this fight, providing that compatible dvd players arrive in a reasonable price range for parents with young children.… [Read More] “Boon for Sony in Fight to Establish Blu-Ray.”

Anime Review: Twin Spica (Fansub)

This series is currently being fansubbed and has not yet been licensed.

Overview: Twin Spica is a show about a young girl, who just happens to have befriended this dude that wanders around wearing a lion mascot head and astronaut gloves and boots, and her trials and tribulations as she attempts to become an astronaut against all odds. This series is way cute. It’s the type of feel good stuff that makes you laugh, and makes you cry sometimes too.

Animation: Adequate. This series is by no means groundbreaking. I’ve seen better, but it does the job. The pink spots on Asumi’s cheeks get kind of annoying after a while though, and you also continuously wonder about that lion head thing. I have seen far worse animation, this series looks very… old school compared to some of the things coming out of Japan these days. This might be improved somewhat by a slightly less compressed version of the series.… [Read More] “Anime Review: Twin Spica (Fansub)”

MSN Blogging Too?

*cough* Get a load of this shit.

Yes, I said “shit” and I can say shit on my blog if I choose to do so and nothing Microsoft or anyone else says is going to change the fact that I can speak as I please.

Even more annoying than censoring the blogosphere is attempting to own it. MSN’s agreement that you sign when you get a blog on MSN Spaces, means that things like BreakupBabe’s new book aren’t going to happen to MSN Spaces users, because Microsoft owns North American publishing rights. Not just first publishing rights. All of them.

So in honor of freedom of speech:
Fuck MSN Spaces!
Long live Blogger!… [Read More] “MSN Blogging Too?”

Diversity Issues at the University Level

I found some commentary on this on Instapundit. This is not something that is entirely foreign to me.

I won’t bash my teacher’s down too hard, I have really enjoyed my class, but the predominance of a liberal viewpoint has given me some cause for concern this quarter. Here I am, with a largely conservative perspective on life, walking into my first quarter of college… and I was completely unprepared for what I was walking into.

But it wasn’t the instructors that surprised me as much as my classmates. One of my classmates simply stopped speaking to another girl in our classroom because she was very open about her conservative perspective. Another of my classmates was nearly brutal when she sprayed us with her left wing point of view on why Bush stinks.

At one point, one of my instructors digressed into a mini-speech about not understanding how Bush could have been re-elected when there were so many people who were against this war… but she didn’t push that point of view on us.… [Read More] “Diversity Issues at the University Level”