Rant: Headlights

You know things are bad when you need sunglasses at night to cut down on the glare in your sideviews.

I’m driving along tonight, and no less than six jerks, in vehicles that can only be described as “I’m not responsible for your physical inadequacies mobiles”, pulled up so close to my bumper that all three of my mirrors HAD to be glaring in their faces. I’m not sure how they could have seen the light change for all the glare, I know I sure as heck couldn’t.

I felt the need to post a sign on the back of my car that says, “If you can read this you either have excellent vision, or you in your SUV or pick-up need to learn to back the hell off!”

Look… I realize that I must accept the fact that people are going to drive these ridiculously tall vehicles. What upsets me is that the people who drive these things are completely unaware that there are smaller things than them on the road.… [Read More]

JKF Reloaded

I’ll be honest. Before I saw an article on google news where there was public outcry over this game being in poor taste, I had never even heard of it. Articles like this one, are contributing to the sales of this video game, whether they intend to or not. I mean here I am, I’m way into my video gaming on my PS2 and my xbox. I am all but unaware of the PC titles that are being released, unless their names are Half-Life, Myst or Doom. I don’t pay attention to the PC gaming world at all… and then this game comes along.

Frankly, all this publicity is just going to add to a rise in this game’s popularity. Now that people are hearing all the hype, they’re going to want to know how bad it really is. I was tempted to find out for myself, but since I’m not a big fan of FPS games..… [Read More]

The Death of VHS Cometh

Rest in peace VHS

Wow… isn’t it hard to believe that VHS has been around for 26 years? I suppose… to some people (younger people than I) VHS has always been around, but I remember the battle between VHS and Beta and which was better. (Anyone who has any clue knows Beta was a better format, but VHS was generally less expensive on every account.)

I’m not surprised to see VHS on its way out the door. It was only a matter of time before a superior format came along. Hello DVD! Good-bye bulky analog casettes!

We really do live in the digital age.… [Read More]

Anime (sorta) Review: Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi

Many Otaku have heard the rumblings of this show coming on the air to Cartoon Network. The story works like this. There hasn’t been a single Japanese rock act to break into the US market since 1963! For forty years, Japanese music companies have been trying to sell J-pop and J-rock acts to the US market, but none of them have ever caught on.

So, enter Sam Register. This is the man who hired Puffy AmiYumi (known as simply “Puffy” in Japan, but we already have a Puffy here) to do the theme song for Teen Titans after catching a music video of theirs on a local access cable station in New York. This dude totally dug their stuff!

Enter… his brain child. A cartoon to try to expose a younger area of viewers to Puffy AmiYumi. Work out contract with Sony to get them to do the show, and you have… Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi.… [Read More]