Anti-Bush Protestors Throw Rocks

And call him a barbarian:

“The turnout is much bigger than we’d expected. This is a polite response to Bush’s barbarity,” said Ernesto Medina, a march organizer.

Is it just me, or does that seem a tad hypocritical? A group of protestors tries to STONE the Chilean anti-riot unit, who was armed with water cannons and tear gas, and Bush is the barbarian? I mean sure, I’m a Bush supporter, anyone who has read this blog knows that. I know that, in my support of the President, I am not popular in foreign circles or in many social circles. But since when have I ever done the “in” thing? I do my own thing. It may not make sense to a lot of people, but that’s what I do.

I had a conversation about this earlier today. One of the folks in my class noticed that I still have my bush-cheney sticker in my binder and asked me why I voted for him.… [Read More]

Anime Review: Spiral (Volume 1 of 6)

Funimation’s release of Spiral has been somewhat anticipated by the Otaku community from what I can tell. I have found a scarce smattering of reviews, but I did manage to find that a couple of torrents for it were still up, that shouldn’t have been. (Yes, I reported them to the site maintainers and they are being pulled down.) The torrents were pretty popular, so… I must not be the only person who was curious about this release.

Animation: I could be happier with the quality here. The character art has been done well, but the backgrounds are a bit lacking in the detail that really makes a series pop for me. Even lacking that detail, the artwork in this series isn’t bad. It’s just not spectacular or outstanding. In other words, it’s good but it could be better.

Soundtrack: Ignore the opening and ending theme songs. They um… quite frankly… suck.… [Read More]

Anime Semi-Review: Cowboy Bebop

Just a commentary. You’ll probably notice over the next few months, that my reviews on anime are a little more… harsh than they were previously. This would be because I finally sat down and watched Cowboy Bebop from start to finish. I’ve avoided it for a long time because the first episode kind of grossed me out, but once I got past it and into the rest of the series, I saw what everyone was talking about when they praised this series.

Yoko Kanno has done all of my favorite soundtracks for anime series so far. The Wolf’s Rain soundtrack tops my list for favorite anime soundtrack from a series that is currently being released. Rah-Xephon’s soundtrack is also absolutely gorgeous, and also features the hauntingly beautiful voice talent of Maaya Sakamoto. Most anime soundtracks pale in comparrison to her work.

Also… stories in anime just don’t get much better than Cowboy Bebop.… [Read More]

Anime/Manga Review: Gravitation

I’m going to preface this by saying that Gravitation is a Shonen-ai (SHO-nen ah-EE) story. These stories are not written to cater to men, and therefore don’t generally appeal to a male audience due to their homosexual nature. Shonen-ai literally means male love. So… if you’re not into that sort of thing, Gravitation is NOT for you.

If you are into that sort of thing, or are curious, or are simply not offended by it… then you must see Gravitation, or pick up the first several volumes of manga.

The Anime:

Animation: I’d have to give the actual animation in this series a fair to good score. The backgrounds are well drawn, there is attention to detail in the scenes that matter, in others, it could have a little more punch. Characters are well drawn with flair, each having their own individual style that just adds something to the series. What particularly stands out, is the art for Eiri Yuki.… [Read More]

It’s very sad…

When a headline reads like this: US Hopes Arafat Death Will Lead to Peace.

The idea that one person could be such an obstruction to a peace process that it takes his death to allow that process to move forward is a very sad one in my eyes. Talk about being set in your ways.

I do feel badly for Arafat’s family and the Palestinian people today. Maybe it’s possible that in death Arafat can do more to bring peace than he did in life.

More on Arafat’s Death:

Mr. Justus at JustusForAll made a comment earlier in the week that he would not shed tears for Arafat’s passing. This columnist agrees.

Apparently many Israelis also agree with this sentiment.… [Read More]