Is Arafat Already Dead?

Seems likely in light of this article.

I’m really curious about this. There has been so much secrecy over what’s really going on with Arafat’s health that it’s difficult to trust any news organization or any reporting on the subject so far. Interesting news.… [Read More]

A Question for Those Who are Still Complaining About the War in Iraq.

Let’s say that in six weeks, there’s a coup and a military general takes control of our country. When he gets himself in power, they round up every single gun from every registered gun owner in the country, and then start cracking down hard on the major cities so that by the time they get done, no one in the populace has firearms. Just knives and whittled down spoons to protect themselves.

Then let’s say that this fictional general decides that if people speak badly of him, he’s going to send soldiers to their front door to shoot them in front of their friends and neighbors to make an example of them to the people.

Let’s say we live this way… for a few decades.

Then China gets ticked off at this guy and decides its time to oust him from power.

Would you honestly care about how much money it cost them to take out this general?… [Read More]

Gay Marriage

There’s been a lot of buzz about the fact that several states voted down gay marriage issues by a majority vote of 20% on average.

I’ve done some talking with my friends and classmates on the matter, and I’ve come to the following conclusion. I have no problem with gay marriage. That’s right, I’m a conservative voter, with generally conservative views and I have no problem with gay marriage.

I imagine the polls would show that this issue was not split along party lines for the most part. The simple truth is that American society is not yet ready to live with gay marriage as a fact of life. It is not ready to have homosexuality become such a ready part of society that our children will grow up never understanding that there is a difference between gay or straight people, just like they don’t understand the differences between colors of skin anymore.… [Read More]

The Pundits KeepTalking…

But I think it’s over now.

Kerry made an awesome speech. It was the most powerful and moving thing I’ve seen from the man since the first time I heard his name mentioned linked with this election. Today, I saw John Kerry for the first time. I saw a gracious man, and a man who very much loves his family. I saw a man I might have voted for if he’d been able to get past all the rhetoric and get down to who he is and what he believes.

G.W.’s speech was markedly unimpressive, but then when are his speeches anything else? I haven’t cried during a Bush speech since 9/11. He’s not a strong public speaker, you could tell he was nervous, but his message was clear and strong and mirrored Kerry’s message in his speech. Americans need to stand united under one flag.

I think we can do that.… [Read More]

w00t! We won!

Kerry is going to cede the election some time after noon pacific! We won! We won!

In local races…I was shocked by this, but we won here too.

Nethercutt lost to Murray. But, Rossi may have scraped past Christine Gregoire for a win. The votes are still being counted in that race, so we still don’t know who’s governor. … [Read More]