One Day Left!

One day left to get out the vote.

Again, I would like to encourage everyone to vote. If you’re registered, there’s no reason for you not to go out and do it. Stop on the way to work, tell your boss you voted for his candidate of choice when you get in, even if it’s a lie. He’ll appreciate your civic responsibility and smile proudly and pat you on the shoulder.

Of course, I’d like to encourage you to vote for GW, but you’ve likely made up your mind by now. So, all I will say is that if you are able to vote, get out there and do it. More than anything else, this election needs a higher voter turn-out to conclusively prove a win one way or the other so that we avoid legal battles that take six months to resolve.. and in the mean time, end up with some joe schmoe sitting in the oval office while they sweep up the dimpled chads.… [Read More]

LJ User Gets Visit from Secret Service

Annie’s Word To the Wise:

Just something of note. It is important that we all think about what we say and post on the internet. This is not the first time that someone has said something over the internet and had the secret service show up at their house.

The last experience I had with this, involved a 15 year old joking around in an IRC chat channel. He made a joke, in poor taste, about the president. The next day, the secret service was at his door. The very fact that they showed up scared the crap out of his mother and he was grounded from his computer for a month afterwards. One of the other participants in that chat was married to an officer in the sheriff’s dept in her county. She told us at the time, that you are required by law to report such incidents to the FBI if you are a witness to them and told him herself that she had to call them, and then did so.… [Read More]

General Run Down.

I haven’t been reading the news very much. I did hear some stuff about Russia shipping out Hussein’s arms. There’s apparently an article about it in the Washington Times. (hat tip: JustusForAll.) Way scary. Particularly if it’s true. I wonder how much we really want foreign countries involved in our attempts at peace in light of this news.

I also heard about some stuff going on with the Serbs and Croats again. Apparently, five years after we turned over control of the elections to the UN, they still can’t pull it off. Five years, and they still haven’t had elections… and people think it’s wise to let the UN become involved in our electoral process as well as let it handle the elections in Iraq? What kind of crack are they smoking?

My hubby posted some stuff on getting sick of the spin in the news. I agree. I’m sick of the spin in the news too.… [Read More]

Sad Day

So… today I went out with some friends I hadn’t been out to do things with in a while. We had a good time, but things got a little cramped coming home so I left a note for my son on the door to let himself in while I dropped off my friend and her kids.

I called him to make sure he’d gotten in okay and he was in tears. I was scared to death, I asked him if he was okay, if I needed to call the police or an ambulance and he said, “I’m fine. One of the birds died.”

My son has been taking care of our aging cockatiels for the last year and has grown very attached to them. It must have been very heartbreaking for him to come home, come in and read the note from mom and then find the bird laying in the bottom of her cage with her neck twisted in an unnatural way.… [Read More]