Holy Cow..

So… for my first paper for college, I was scared to death. Worried sick that I was going to screw it up. Aric over at A Rage of Squirrels edited my first draft for me, and basically showed me what I should be doing with a paper for college. I fixed this draft, and then I took the second draft in for workshop, everyone had great comments that helped me out and when I got done, I was pretty happy with the paper overall. I was figuring I’d get a C or a B and revise it after I got the teacher’s comments back so I could bring that up to an A.

So… today I got to class.. and there’s my paper up on the screen. The instructors start talking about my paper and show a couple of mistakes… both were practically gushing over this thing and using my paper as an example of what to do… and I about died.… [Read More]

Debate News:

For those who still think Kerry won the debate.

I will be honest… having participated in debates as a weekend past-time during my high school career, I know that Kerry made a better presentation in terms of his comfort level and overall appearance. His arguments, however, were weak and unsupported. He would have lost the competition in my day and Bush would have walked away with the blue ribbon proudly pinned to his jacket.… [Read More]

College Paper!

So… I turned in my first college paper today. I think I did good considering a lot of people didn’t even bother to edit their drafts before they turned theirs in…

More later when I get my grade on Monday.… [Read More]

Debate: Semi-Live Blogging

We’re now 12 minutes into the debate and Kerry has yet to impress me. Jim Lehrer has just asked a question that invited Senator Kerry to attack the president. “What collossal misjudgments do you feel the president has made?” His first comment on the 9-11 commission finding no connections to 9-11 and Iraq was ridiculous. Iraq wasn’t about 9-11. It was about preventing another one. Kerry totally missed that point. Bush has made an excellent rebuttal point, “Anyone who thinks the world is not a safer place with Saddam Hussein out of power does not have the judgment to be president.” Kerry nodded his head as the president said this.


Bush makes an excellent point about the war on terror being something that is fought on many fronts, not on a single front and to not understand that is to not understand the war on terror.

Kerry just commented on how Bush sent men to Iraq without the body armor they needed… but um..… [Read More]