• Mt. St. Helen’s Not So Quiet

    The volcano has been rumbling for the past week and a half. Apparently the lavadome is growing. This has the potential to be a scary thing, but the vulcanologists don’t seem to think so. Still, interesting stuff for those fascinated by such things.

  • Debate Time!

    The election debates are about to begin. And, I think Lloyd Garver has a point when he says that foreign policy should be so delicately negotiated.

  • Firefox Makes WaVeS!

    Firefox along with Apple’s Safari and Opera are making headway against Internet Explorer in the browser wars. Yes, you thought they were over when Netscape got bought out by AOL and AOL donated the code to this little nowhere place known as the “Mozilla Foundation”. You thought wrong! In 10...

  • Kerry’s looking for American failure

    This column from the Sun-Times speaks for itself. No commentary from the random gemini today, who is rapidly working on her paper, just read for yourselves.

  • Right to Die Laws Upheld in Florida

    Now, I know that none of us is exactly jumping for glee at this news. Terri Schiavo’s plight, or rather the plight of her parents, has been one that many have followed over the course of the last several years. Weather her husband has the right to remove her feeding...