Firefox Makes WaVeS!

Firefox along with Apple’s Safari and Opera are making headway against Internet Explorer in the browser wars.

Yes, you thought they were over when Netscape got bought out by AOL and AOL donated the code to this little nowhere place known as the “Mozilla Foundation”.

You thought wrong!

In 10 days, 2 million people downloaded copies of Firefox 1.0 PR.

Okay… I have to get back to work on my paper, but… Firefox has done it. I suspect, this won’t be the last we see of this amazing little browser.… [Read More]

Right to Die Laws Upheld in Florida

Now, I know that none of us is exactly jumping for glee at this news.

Terri Schiavo’s plight, or rather the plight of her parents, has been one that many have followed over the course of the last several years. Weather her husband has the right to remove her feeding tube or not is pretty clear under Florida law and always has been.

Still… I do feel for her parents. The idea of losing their daughter forever has to be hard. … [Read More]

Sony to support MP3

And it’s about time too.

One of the things that has held Sony Corp back in the portable digital player market is it’s proprietary format and the players’ lack of support for MP3, and Sony has already proven with its cd players that it is perfectly possible to support more than one format with one device.

Hopefully those software upgrades will impact the minidisc as well and make burning md’s much easier.… [Read More]