War and Peace?

I haven’t had a lot of time to catch up on the news in the last few days, but I have some thoughts that I would like to share on the war in Iraq. Though, I doubt my thoughts will have as much weight as this. Justus For All has an excellent post with excerpts from Iraqi blogs that pretty accurately covers why continued coalition occupation in Iraq is a necessary evil.

Yeah, I call it a necessary evil. People get hurt in wars. My friend’s nephew is currently being shipped home with shrapnel in his arms and stomach, on top of having two broken legs. That’s the evil part. No one likes to see anyone get hurt. But, in my mind, the deaths of a thousand US soldiers in Iraq were necessary if it saved civilians anywhere from another terrorist attack. Do I like that it had to be that way?… [Read More]

Rather Apologizes

I missed this yesterday.

Thank Goodness he apologized, but that really isn’t enough. Somehow I suspect that Burkett is the only source of those documents. The unnamed source he’s referring to is likely his friendly neighborhood Personal Computer.

The more I read of what he has to say, the more it sounds like a caller asking Dr. Laura for advice on behalf of their “friend” who was too chicken to call the show… … [Read More]

Anime Review: Ai Yori Aoshi

Welcome to another anime review!

In Ai Yori Aoshi, Aoi, a young, yet traditional Japanese beauty goes to meet her future husband for the first time, the man she has trained all of her life to please and has devoted all of her time to. It is only after the two meet that we discover that the arranged marriage was called off but somehow Aoi and Kaoru fall in love and from there, crazy hijinks ensue!

This series does not particularly stand out above and beyond other anime in terms of animation, story or soundtrack. If giant robots, action and excitement are your thing, then Ai Yori Aoshi is probably not for you.

But, it does give the viewer a peek into the nuances of Japanese culture, and this in itself makes the entire series very much worth watching. Not only is the story engaging for an audience who is seeking out romantic comedy, but it gives us insight into the difficulties in life for those in Japan who seek to live out a lifestyle that is very much traditionally Japanese.… [Read More]

I forgot to mention…

… Parking.

For those of you who are unaware of this, parking permits at college are not a guarantee that you will have a place to park. No, rather they are a hunting license, giving you the right to attempt to find some semblance of parking.

My first stop today was to be the Student Union Building (isn’t that a heck of a name?) to pick up my parking permit. I left two hours before class started to make sure I could get a space and have some time to maybe pick up my books before class. So I tried to park by that building in the LARGE parking lot there. The lot was absolutely packed. Not a space to be found. So I wandered over to the next parking lot, following the guy in front of me, who also did not have his parking permit yet, but he had a college sticker in his back window, so I figured he knew what he was doing.… [Read More]

College Student Now Redux

Okay, so me saying that I am going to do this college thing and me actually doing the college thing are two different matters entirely.

Put simply, today I really became a college student, I’ve even got my ID with this goofy picture that says “Get the (insert colorful expletive here) on with it!” I got lots of comments on my blogging this shirt, and so… now I feel compelled to blog my first day at college.

It’s kinda funny how much fun you can have at the *note the sarcasm* bargain… price of tuition and books in the modern era. The class was loads of fun, and Mr. Karl was right, it is loaded with characters. From the quiet, somewhat timid guy with a name that he had to pronounce for the instructors several times, to the chick who sat in front of me that thought my Hello Kitty notebook paper worthy of a chuckle.… [Read More]