Little Girl Cries as Signs are Torn.

A three-year-old kid does not understand politics. She just knows that her daddy handed her this sign, and that sign is hers. So of course, when some a**hole rips the sign from her hands and tears it in half, she’s going to cry.

Some people are such… jerks.

In addition to that, and I have no photos of this, but several of my neighbors’ Bush-Cheney signs in their front yards have been the subject of vandalism. With people hucking rocks and the like at the signs to bend them completely out of shape.… [Read More]

In Cahoots!

Dave over at Justus for All and Bill from Reason’s Edge and I were all sitting around shooting the breeze when Dave mentioned that someone or other (via Instapundit I believe) had likened CBS to Sauron’s Eye hovering over the tower of Barad Dur.

This of course, sparked an idea. Dave had the words, I had photoshop, Bill has the cool laptop. All of this resulted in the following:

Click the image for a bigger picture.… [Read More]

Illegal Occupation of Iraq?

All right, I have to take issue with this. I wasn’t going to politically blog today, but some things simply must be said in regard to this ridiculous article.

“A few years ago, they killed four million Vietnamese by dropping millions of tons of explosives in a country that was more than 15,000 kilometres away from them.”

Yeah, we went to Vietnam. We bombed the crap out of the place. From a historical perspective, that was probably a mistake. But it is likely a decision I would have made as well had I been in the shoes of our nation’s leaders at that time. I know a lot of other Americans feel the same way.

“Clearly, the United States deliberately went outside the Security Council and took unilateral action that was not in conformity with the Charter. And this is why Annan says from their point of view and the UN Charter point of view, the invasion of Iraq was illegal.

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Anime Review: Witch Hunter Robin

So… Dave over at Justus for All suggested that I write some anime reviews because I’ve been talking about anime so much on my blog of late. Here’s my first anime review for all you random fans out there:

So far, I’ve seen discs 1-4 of Witch Hunter Robin. The complete series has been released, and a boxed set of all six discs is due out on October 26th. This may be old news for some of you who caught the series on Cartoon Network’s “Adult Swim” but you’re stuck with this review anyway, since it’s today’s fascination.

Synopsis: Robin Sena travels from Italy to Japan to hunt witches with an elite police style force known as the STNJ. During the process of hunting witches, Robin begins to discover the true depth of her powers and talents and begins to question her place as a witch hunter.

Animation: Simply beautiful. The artwork is typical of most anime, but the backgrounds, smooth, fluid motion of all the characters and amazing special effects make this one stand out.… [Read More]