• Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting

    That’s the title of this article on Common Dreams. A self-styled progressive and very much left wing NewsWire. It’s all well and good that the CBS documents are calling much attention to themselves in the news, and drawing attention away from Bush’s service record. To be honest with you, I’m...

  • Novell Verbally Slashes at Microsoft.

    Novells Microsoft attack completes Linux conversion. And also formally announced that there is not a single copy of Windows running in their office any longer. With the acquiring of SuSE, I don’t blame them. If SuSE would let me burn CD’s without flaking out, I’d be using it myself.

  • Anime Blogging

    There’s been so much going around about pajama blogging that I just had to add a comment on this. I don’t blog in my pj’s except on Sunday mornings, if I happen to be blogging that day, and I am dead tired and still drinking my coffee, otherwise, I am...

  • CBS Forgery Roundup

    Last Thursday, 60 minutes II aired a story which produced documents that raked George Bush over the coals for his national guard service. These documents were questioned less than six hours later on Free Republic, a conservative website. A poster, known as “Buckhead”, raised the first questions about the CBS...

  • More on CBS’s Forgery

    An interesting shot at Dan Rather.