More from the random.

So my daughter came home from school, and I let my son sit down to start watching Jing in 7th Heaven. It’s subtitled, series hasn’t been licensed in the US yet. So I figured this was no big deal for him. My daughter though, about had a fit when I told her she would actually have to READ the subtitles to understand what is going on.

She said she wasn’t going to watch it until we got the English dub.

Then she gets in the door and starts watching it, and she’s actually… reading the subtitles.

I wonder if subtitles count toward her 30 minutes of daily reading homework…

This post brought to you by: King of Bandit Jing in Seventh Heaven… [Read More]

Randomness of the Day.

I don’t have much to post on, except that I watched Hurricane Ivan move in and hit the coast after I got home last night. Boy that was scary.

I read some more stuff on RatherGate, but you can catch up on all of that by heading over to Instapundit.

I also woke up to something interesting this morning, and had to ask myself if there was a minor earthquake or some such. My dvd rack, which is one of those that’s more stable when it’s full than empty (and was nearly full) fell over for no apparent reason other than… it wanted to.

I had to spend half an hour putting the dvd’s back and readjusting the weight balance so that the shelves that were full were on the bottom, and the ones that weren’t were on top. And I shored up the rack in the front with a couple of pieces of cardboard under the front two feet.… [Read More]

Move on, MoveOn. has been associated with posting a false ad decrying president Bush as the man who will legalize the AK47.

Further, an unconfirmed report states that an unidentified insider in the Kerry campaign has been quoted as saying that she “wouldn’t be surprised” if were responsible for both forging and supplying CBS with the memos that are currently cental in destroying the reputation that CBS news has had for a number of years.

Like Kerry or not, made a mistake if they did pass on that memo. Rumor also has it that it was passed to CBS by someone in the Kerry campaign itself, which reflects badly on Kerry. Either way this thing goes, it reflects badly on Kerry and is unfair to either participant in the campaign, particularly since the documents are clearly forgeries.… [Read More]

Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting

That’s the title of this article on Common Dreams. A self-styled progressive and very much left wing NewsWire.

It’s all well and good that the CBS documents are calling much attention to themselves in the news, and drawing attention away from Bush’s service record.

To be honest with you, I’m glad.

I swear if I hear the word “Vietnam” spewed in this campaign one more time… I am going to scream.

Look… Bush served, Kerry served that’s more than half the people bothering to report on this crap have done.


The reason the CBS thing is such a big deal is because CBS screwed up big time. CBS just made themselves look like collective assholes on national TV. It has nothing to do with the content of the memos and everything to do with bad reporting, something the writer of the article above seems to have missed entirely.… [Read More]