Anime Blogging

There’s been so much going around about pajama blogging that I just had to add a comment on this.

I don’t blog in my pj’s except on Sunday mornings, if I happen to be blogging that day, and I am dead tired and still drinking my coffee, otherwise, I am doing what I refer to as, Anime Blogging.

Anime Blogging is the state in which one blogs while watching anime in the background. Today’s choice is Macross Zero, which is still unavailable in the United States unless one imports copies from Japan or Europe.

Later on, it will likely be Chobits, the only endearing and cute series I currently posess, though.. if I can get my hands on Ai Yori Aoshi any time soon… it might not be the only one.… [Read More]

CBS Forgery Roundup

Last Thursday, 60 minutes II aired a story which produced documents that raked George Bush over the coals for his national guard service.

These documents were questioned less than six hours later on Free Republic, a conservative website. A poster, known as “Buckhead”, raised the first questions about the CBS report. From there the story was picked up by Powerline, and then made national news when it hit the Drudge Report.

Once the news hit the Drudge Report that bloggers were questioning the authenticity of CBS documents, other major news outlets went with the flow and began reporting the possibility that these documents were forged, bringing the Los Angeles Times to post this article (jacked from PowerLine for those without subscriptions to the LA times or BugMeNot).

The house of cards for CBS is slowly coming down. As expert after expert states that Times New Roman was not a font available on typewriters until the advent of the computer, and was exclusively used by typesetters.… [Read More]

What Women Want

And their importance in the 2004 election.

This is a wonderful piece that shuts down any arguments by young teenage girls who dump signs on the ground in public parks while claiming a concern for our environment.

Women are the true swing voters…

I do feel that women, as a group for statistical purposes, have a powerful voice. But this does not change the fact that each voice is unique in its own right. Everyone is going to vote how they are going to vote. It is interesting to delve into the psychology of why we vote the way we do, and might give us some pointers as to which way the election is going to go, but in truth, we won’t know until November 2nd. When everyone has gone out and done their voting and all the ballots have been counted twice.

Still, an interesting Op-Ed from the New York Times.… [Read More]