Three years ago today, planes flew into the World Trade Center killing 2,752 people. The terrorists left a nation grieving along with the families of these men and women. We have grieved ever since.

One thing that the terrorists should have said to themselves, and didn’t, are the infamous words of Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto. “I fear that we have awakened a sleeping giant and filled him with a terrible resolve.”

Our terrible resolve has taken us from Afghanistan to Iraq and possibly Iran and Sudan in the near future, if our president gets re-elected. Libya has laid down its arms and become one of our allies in the fight against terrorism. People are kinder to one another everywhere you go. The Iraqi people are free from tyranny and soon, will be electing their own government and carving out their own path in the world for themselves. The Taliban is no longer in power in Afghanistan.… [Read More]

If this is true…

.. then things look bad for CBS.

I can’t imagine CBS reporting on something that isn’t authentic, but it could be that their source has duped them, something CBS doesn’t want to believe. Which means, they probably paid a goodly amount of cash to get those documents or the entire news staff is so politically biased that they will do anything to see Kerry get elected… or… they just really badly needed the story.

Whatever the reason, if the documents are forgeries, and it’s looking more and more like they are, this tarnishes the reputation of CBS news and diminishes the trustworthiness of their reporting…… [Read More]

Bush Under Fire for Service

Isn’t this pissing you off?

I mean come on… how much longer do we have to sit here and watch Kerry and his cronies whip out the service record bullshit? Clearly he’s dug his own grave with this… maybe the dems are hoping that turning the tables will dig an equally deep hole for the president. Who knows?

All I know… is that I am now sick of this.

I still have no idea what Kerry stands for because they’ve spent so much time reporting on his Vietnam service that I know more about his medals (three purple hearts, a bronze star and a silver star…) than I do about his political and moral views.

At least with Bush, I know what he stands for. Kerry? Nope… no clue. Just know that he’s probably not going to help me figure out why my kids are bringing home craploads of math homework and can spell the words “nicotine”, “addict” and “alcohol” but can’t spell things like “super” or “great!”.… [Read More]

College Student Now…

Well it’s official. I’m a college student now. I spent most of the day on the phone with fellow college students talking about being a college student. It was fun… and nice to have things to talk about with people.

I think I may just like this school thing…

Anyway… if you notice a downturn in the blogging schedule, that’s why, but I will endeavor to keep up on my BlogsForBush Wednesday posts until the election.

Wish me luck!… [Read More]