Miller’s Speech.

If you missed it, there’s video here.

Zell Miller gave us a highly energetic, passionate and powerful speech at the GOP convention last night. My God was it a thing of beauty.

I was moved by his anger and frustration at his own party for not avoiding playing the partisan games. I also agree that it is unfair to make National Security a campaign issue. National Security that should be above question in a presidential campaign. Sure, Bush is doing one thing, Kerry will handle it another way and we have no idea what national security issues Kerry will face as president, though I suspect that Mr. Justus and Bill are right. Terrorists will test his mettle should he be elected.

Zell Miller also apparently shot down Chris Matthews… hard in an interview on MSNBC. And it seems it was deserved. Matthews attacked Miller, and refused to let him finish answering questions… and Matthews has become notorious for such behavior.… [Read More]

Bathing the Dog

Yes, as opposed to wagging…

So the dog got bathed… after much wiggling and moving around… because my dog is well.. a labrador retriever.. and he loves the water and to be in the water and a bath is an occassion for much joy and many doggy smiles. If you’ve never seen a dog smile, then you just haven’t been looking. They do, but you gotta watch for it.

Got the dog brushed out twice… thought I had most of the hair out of him… boy was I wrong. It seems that the bath loosened up a whole crap ton more hair than I thought he had… so now we get to wait for him to air dry and do it all over again.

No point in vacuuming the house yet, cause it’s just going to get worse over the course of the next two hours. Should be entertaining.

The dog is now wandering around the house sulking.… [Read More]

Random Crap

You never realize how much dog hair is stuck in your dog…until you find his brush and groom him out.

We managed to fill two grocery sacks with dog hair… and that was just after the first grooming. Poor dog hasn’t been groomed all summer because I couldn’t find that brush. He looks 110% better, and after I give him a bath, he will be defuzzed, and stink free.

But… even after all this brushing, the tub will still be coated in dog hair…

Man.. the random crap you come up with when you’re bored… *chuckle*… [Read More]


I’m reading this article on Reuters… and I happened to actually stop and take a look at the ad on the page. I would copy and paste it here for you, but it’s flash.

It read as follows:

“Dear Friend,
The Democratic party is the only organization working hand in hand with my campaign to get out the vote and win a democratic victory on November 2nd. But we can’t win without your help. Please contribute today. Signed, John Kerry.”

Typical campaign ad, but what really struck my eye was the disclaimer below:

“This communication is not authorized by any candidate or any candidate’s committe.”

That just kind of… blew me away. So his signature is on the ad, but he didn’t authorize it? I guess there is a fine line between authorization and endorsement these days… … [Read More]