Oh Good Christ..

Some swift vets leave Bush Campaign.

And Kerry is still pitching a fit.

I still say, the solution to all of this madness is simple. If the swift vets are lying, then release your complete military records and your private journal of your adventures in Vietnam to really state your case. Until you do so John Kerry, the swiftvets words will continue to plant a seed of doubt about you in the minds of voters. It is too late to shut them down now. Particularly when their book is on the shelves at Barnes and Noble. Most people will at least stop to read the back cover.

It’s already too late to drown out their voice. The only thing you can do now to prove your claims that their accusations are false and misleading… is to pony up with your records and prove them wrong once and for all. Once they see documents from the US Navy to the contrary, then the populace will make their minds up about the swiftvets… and not before.… [Read More]

Babes For Bush

This had to be blogged.

I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this. In some ways, I find it offensive, mostly because I find the use of the term “Babe” to be offensive, particularly when it’s pointed in my general direction. There are very few people on the face of this earth with permission to call me “Babe” and my husband isn’t even on that list… (Though I suspect he merely avoids using the… term… out of respect and has never really asked for the permission to begin with.)

Either way, they have started a very amusing and entertaining grassroots campaign in support of GW. I’m all for it. More power to you ladies, and remember, what’s on the outside isn’t what makes you beautiful. It’s what’s on the inside that counts.… [Read More]

The Death of the DVD?

So dude here has a point..

But I don’t see this sort of thing becoming the norm in our existence until business catches up with technology. At the rate that industry groups, like the RIAA, are going… that is probably not going to happen before those of us reading this article are old and gray and contemplating our grandchildren cutting the grass for us.… [Read More]

Factless Blogging?

You know… I’ve been reading a lot about this in the blogosphere lately. First Walter Cronkite puts down blogging, and now the New York Times.

The truth of the matter is, a lot of the news stories that you have seen in the past year, would never have made the news if not for the blogosphere. The Nick Berg Video, albeit a rather horrendous thing, would never have made it to the major media outlets, if not for bloggers.

On the debate team in high school, I was always taught that one should have evidence to back up one’s claims. So if you make a point, you present a piece of evidence to back it up. Pretty simple.

Our links to undercovered stories that everyone should be reading in their daily newspapers are our evidence as bloggers. Bloggers don’t write the news. We simply provide a medium for the average web surfer to find more of the news that they should be reading in their daily newspapers, but that big media seems to be desperately trying to keep a lid on.… [Read More]