The Induce Act

So Orrin Hatch proposed this act..

That is supposed to make it illegal to provide technology that might encourage copyright infringement.

When I first read about this thing, it meant that things as basic as cd burners, vcrs with a record function, and pretty much any other form of blank media… was something that could be considered a means to encourage copyright infringement.

Hell, if you want to get even more weird about it, this law could apply to a word processor, because some doofus could get bored one day, and type a book into his word processor and post the document file on his website for everyone. Hence infringing on the holder’s copyrights to that material.

Basically, the world as we know it would have to change as a result of this law. It could affect everything you do on a day to day basis. I’m not sure how Microsoft should feel about Word, or how Sun should feel about StarOffice given this bill.… [Read More]

Linux for my cell phone!

Dude! Check it out!

Motorola will be releasing a version of linux for next gen phones! YES! Open source open source open source! *does a little dance*

That said, I am not all that impressed with motorola phones, they just don’t age well. I hope Nokia jumps on the bandwagon too, or that I can at least download the OS to my phone and switch out the symbian pita that is currently on there!

Yes, I’ll be watching this one with fervor and intent.… [Read More]

Kerry’s Political Pedestal of Vietnam

Ouch. (Link jacked from Instapundit.)

This woman makes an excellent point. Kerry, if they are lying, prove it. Release your war records and your journal to the public. The process is simple, and if you are telling the truth, could just save your ass.

What I’m curious about, is why he hasn’t released these records, if these vets are indeed lying, it would be the simplest way to exhonerate himself.

Truth is, Kerry made a big mistake when he chose to bank his campaign on his service in Vietnam. So far, we’re hearing a lot about Kerry, and a lot about his service records that don’t sound all that great. I’m still not hearing much about his plans for the future that are convincing me that he is the man to take us through the next four years. I’m not sure that Kerry has the balls to finish what we’ve started in order to have us living in a world free from terror.… [Read More]

Charley Destroys Trailer Parks

Okay, I don’t get it.

So.. every time a hurricane of any sort of decent measure blows through Florida, tons of trailer parks and other shoddily constructed buildings get blasted to bits by the wind. Why do people still choose to live in these things? They’re not really that much more economical than a house. They’re also clearly… not as sturdy. How many times do you have to have your trailer get smashed by a large gust of wind before you give up on the damned thing and buy a house instead?

Just wondering…… [Read More]