Man beheads self and Islamic militants claim responsibility…

This is so funny, it has to be shared.

Apparently Benjamin Vanderford got bored one night and decided to muck around with some video that he took of himself at a friend’s apartment in order to make it look like he’d been beheaded.

So the video runs around the internet for a long time, and then… all the sudden it shows up on Arab news with an Islamic militant group in Iraq taking responsibility for his death.

So imagine the guy’s surprise when he answers the doorbell at his apartment in his boxers, with a can of diet soda in hand, and the associated press tells him that he’s dead. Can’t you just see the guy laughing his ass off over that one?

Too priceless for words.… [Read More] “Man beheads self and Islamic militants claim responsibility…”

Commanding Officer Backs Down on Kerry Slamming

But will this stop the swiftboat vets from running their ad campaign?

Somehow, I think not. This should be some food for thought for people who are considering voting for Kerry because he was a “war hero”. I’m not saying he wasn’t, but… this casts some doubt on his service record.

If you’re really thinking about voting for Kerry for that reason alone, I suggest you do some more research on the man before you make that choice. It looks to me… like the people he served with don’t have a very high opinion of him, and since he’s making a bid to have the entire country serve under him for four years… that’s an opinion I absolutely have to take into consideration, and so should you.

Update: Apparently the story published about Kerry’s commanding officer retracting his statements and support of Swiftboat Veterans Against Kerry is… wholly false. Read more here.[Read More] “Commanding Officer Backs Down on Kerry Slamming”

Lord Voldemort is Cast and the Stage is Set

Ralph Fiennes will play Lord Voldemort in the next installment of the Harry Potter movies, “The Goblet of Fire.”

I had no idea who they would cast in that role, but I can tell you that I am actually very pleased with the choice. His voice has a somewhat reptilian quality to it, which I find to be essential for Voldemort, not to mention his versatility. He can be both an angel and a devil, and has played both with equal depth of feeling.

Very pleased with this casting choice…. very pleased indeed.… [Read More] “Lord Voldemort is Cast and the Stage is Set”

IBM Will Not Bash Linux.

And with good reason.

IBM is hoping that linux will pan out some good things for them in the future. If you hear my husband spin the tale, it sounds like something right out of a thriller movie, with Microsoft as the intended victim that is running away screaming from a blood-stained, chainsaw weilding killer.

And… they might be right. Even HP is standing up to take notice with a new line of notebooks based around Novell’s SuSE version of linux, sporting OpenOffice, a media player, and cd burner support. In addition to wireless connectivity, which has been one of the larger hurdles for unix based operating systems in the world of notebook pc’s. If HP is jumping on the bandwagon, you can bet that they see something on the horizon that the average user has yet to take notice of… but I bet it has something to do with some of the cool tricks that desktop environments in unix can pull that you would never see happen on a windows machine.… [Read More] “IBM Will Not Bash Linux.”

Apple Fires off Harsh Words at Real

And Drunkenblog has some things to say about it that are incredibly interesting.

Given what this guy has to say, it makes perfect sense that Apple might accuse Real of hacking the DRM in the ipod. According to drunkenbatman, the ipod is a thing that is living on a very short time span, and sooner or later, our mp3 players, cameras, pdas and all the other gadgetry that we carry around with us, will be built into our cell phones.

As an owner of a cell phone that can play mp3’s, take pictures, e-mail, instant message, web surf, receive phone calls, hold all my appointments and sound off an alarm before the appointed appointment time to remind me.. (and it also has about 100 or so games available to play on it, including Prince of Persia. No, my cell phone is *not* an n-gage either, just your basic run of the mill high end pda phone) I totally know what this guy is saying.… [Read More] “Apple Fires off Harsh Words at Real”