• Moore Embarrases Himself Again

    The Doofus Strikes Again! I just… fell over laughing when I read this one. It must be shared.

  • Now this.. is news.

    Iranian Intel Officers Captured in Iraq Check out that headline. Holy cow! I mean, we’ve suspected this is true for some time, but now it seriously looks to be the case, and what will the pundits say about this one? Talk about a story lacking in coverage. I didn’t see...

  • Kerry-Edwards Ticket

    Sen. John Kerry has chosen Michigan senator John Edwards as his running mate. Neat. Somehow, I suspected that was coming. Edwards is a well-spoken, balanced sort of man. He may just level out the apparent lack luster used car salesman appearance of Kerry. But, I’ll have to agree with my...

  • Happy Birthday Mr. President!

    Today, President Bush turns 58 years old. Congrats Mr. President and I hope you have a very nice birthday surrounded by your family and friends.

  • Lollapalooza canceled due to poor ticket sales

    Wow.. Not that I thought Lollapalooza was ever going to last, but I’m just surprised to see it happen so soon. Lollapalooza used to be a cool show, but I imagine the line up in recent years, along with the target audience has shifted… to a point where the crowd...