Mary Kay Letourneau Gets Out > News > And registers as a level two sex offender in King County, Washington.

Say what you will about Letourneau (and honestly, I find what she did to be deplorable and… well.. sickening) the kid is now of legal age to make decisions for himself barring any psychiatric statement to the contrary. There’s no reason why the judge should not overturn the no contact order if it’s at Fualaau’s request. But, that’s just my thought.

Now, that said… one would think that there might be a psychiatric reason behind saying “Um… keep it in your pants there fella. This woman’s not someone who’s been a healthy part of your life.” You would think age and maturity would help this poor young man see that what she did then… was wrong and helped shape the course of events for the rest of his life.

But then again… as the article says, “this is a love story.”

A very weird and… creepy one, but a love story nonetheless… I guess.… [Read More]

They Were Fired For Being Against the War.

Okay… so I can relate. You have a political view you want to share with your audience. Great. A lot of artists do this by posting online diaries on their websites. Post it there all you want.

But… as an entertainer, such as Linda Ronstadt, you still have a job to do. You still have to sing the songs, and put on the show, and leave the politics out of your music. Music is something that crosses party lines, and to be brutally honest, ninety percent of your fans don’t give a damn about your political views. They just want to hear you sing, and they paid money for that at the Aladdin. Instead, what they got was the childish behavior of a woman who has clearly not gotten her way, not all that dissimilar from my daughter when I refuse to buy her candy at the grocery store.

Even more sad is expressing your political views so loudly and then not understanding why you got dropped by a company that had you representing their product.… [Read More]

And yet Moore….

Pete Townshend of The Who, has taken a shot at Michael Moore that really brings this man’s character into question for me. After reading his comments, I have to wonder if Moore isn’t a spoiled child who simply isn’t getting his way.

Read them for yourself and see what you think.

Update: Pete Townshend’s entry has been deleted from his website. For those interested in what he had to say, here’s the quote and a link to a story about the whole dilemma:

“I have nothing against Michael Moore personally, and I know Roger Daltrey is a friend and fan of his, but I greatly resent being bullied and slurred by him in interviews just because he didn’t get what he wanted from me. It seems to me that this aspect of his nature is not unlike that of the powerful and willful man at the centre of his new documentary.… [Read More]