Now this.. is news.

Iranian Intel Officers Captured in Iraq

Check out that headline. Holy cow! I mean, we’ve suspected this is true for some time, but now it seriously looks to be the case, and what will the pundits say about this one?

Talk about a story lacking in coverage. I didn’t see a headline for this one on google news, nor is there a story on CNN’s front page. What a bunch of maroons. Report all the crap on Kerry and Edwards, fail to notice that a key piece has just been taken out of play in Iraq…

Oh but wait… this one might look good on President Bush. Nah.. they could never report that. He might have been right about tensions in the region creating a danger to the rest of the free world… … [Read More]

Kerry-Edwards Ticket

Sen. John Kerry has chosen Michigan senator John Edwards as his running mate.

Neat. Somehow, I suspected that was coming. Edwards is a well-spoken, balanced sort of man. He may just level out the apparent lack luster used car salesman appearance of Kerry.

But, I’ll have to agree with my husband on this one. It’s entirely likely that this choice is going to backfire for the Kerry campaign. Edwards is a strong speaker, very charismatic with an infectious personality. Compared to this, Kerry comes across as flat and unfeeling. I have some concerns that this is going to damage his image more than it’s going to help it.… [Read More]

Lollapalooza canceled due to poor ticket sales


Not that I thought Lollapalooza was ever going to last, but I’m just surprised to see it happen so soon. Lollapalooza used to be a cool show, but I imagine the line up in recent years, along with the target audience has shifted… to a point where the crowd desired is not the crowd that buys concert tickets… … [Read More]