Fahrenheit 9/11 Gets Slapped with an ‘R’

And it’s my guess that it’s justified.

Michael Moore’s new film was given an ‘R’ rating for violence and foul language, but Mr. Moore would really like to get it downgraded to PG-13.

I think Mr. Moore has forgotten why the ratings system exists. The ratings system is there as a guideline for parents and people of various religions to use to determine weather or not a particular film meets with their standards. Not to determine who gets into the show and who doesn’t. That choice, ultimately lies with the viewer and in the case of minors, the viewer’s parents.

I also take particular issue with a statement made in the article by the president of IFC entertainment. First off, how many 13 year old kids do you know that are watching the nightly news over their parents’ shoulder? And, even the nightly news has standards. If they are going to show images that could be considered disturbing… they tell you so.… [Read More]

Refusal to Medicate is Child Abuse?

Justus for All: Taking a child off ritalin is child abuse?

Posted on Justus For All. I wanted to comment on this on his blog, but my response to this… will just take too much space… so here you are.

I am a parent of a child with ADHD. His pediatrician and I have had an understanding from day one, an understanding that he insisted be there. From the beginning, I have been told that I am in complete control of his dose, when he takes the medication and when he doesn’t. The pediatrician will make suggestions, but he knows that with these sorts of medications there are no perfect answers, and there are definite dangers. If I notice that my son isn’t sleeping or eating, he will support my decision to stop giving him the medication. The school district can feel free to contact him about it. He will support me all the way.… [Read More]


I waited until today to post on Reagan’s passing… for a lot of reasons.

Mostly, to collect my thoughts on what I remember about Ronald Reagan when I between the ages of 5 and 14. Yes, during my formative years. And my dad wonders why I’m mostly conservative… go figure. *chuckle*

In memory and respect, here are four things I took away from the Reagan era:

1. America is a great country, with a great responsibility. Her people are a people of diversity and culture, and miracles. We can perform miracles, we can do it every single day. Every day, we can have a little slice of the Berlin Wall coming down. You simply have to want it, believe in it and do it for yourself, or for someone else.

2. Drugs… suck. I have never in my life, participated in the use of a drug that could even be considered an illegal substance.… [Read More]

Teachers and Politics

This person is educating children in LA…

Do you know the political views of the people educating your children? Probably not. And.. it shouldn’t matter. Weather an educator is liberal or conservative does not change the cirriculum they must teach, nor should there be a spin placed on what students learn.

I am of the opinion that the political views of a teacher have little place in classrooms. And if she wants to be an activist in her off time, so be it. In the classroom where my children are trying to learn? Then I have a problem with it.

Stick to history sweetheart.

You’re having a hard enough time getting them to understand and care about that. As a parent, I’d have my kids learning and understanding their past, so that they can make educated decisions about the future… rather than have them simply follow a path because someone else said it was a good idea.… [Read More]

Helping Iraqi Schools

Helping Iraqi Schools

I don’t believe I have blogged on this in the past, but here we go:

What a wonderful way to spend your spare time in Iraq. I am so proud of these soldiers and what they are doing, and the good feelings they are spreading to all of the people they are assisting.

Get together a group of friends, make a box and ship it over to these fellas. Let’s give these boys some support and a round of applause.… [Read More]