Oh No! Not My Anime!

Underpaid Animators in Japan are really starting to feel the pinch.

I never realized how little these guys make, and buying the shows doesn’t earn them any extra money. Geez… something should be done about that. I love my anime. I don’t want to see that hobby ruined by something that could easily be resolved with royalties from dvd sales.… [Read More]

Death Ray!

So, during my hiatus from writing about current events, I decided I needed a break from my family too. I went out with a friend yesterday and did… well… girl things.

We wandered around the mall, bought some anime, bought some clothes… bought some new smells. And during all of this, every time we stopped at a stop light, someone would invariably try to hit my car from one angle or another.

Being the mothers of two very gifted young boys, we made a decision.

We need a death ray.

We need them to build this thing and mount it to the roof of my car, so that in the future when some idiot comes along and tries to broadside me, we can look at him and go, “Thinking about hitting my car are you? I think not.” *NEEM! Paft! Pile of dust.. accident avoided*

Man.. that would be so cool.… [Read More]

Don’t Put Your Pet Fish In the Ocean!

This should be a no brainer. Anyone who has taken the time and effort and financial burden of starting a saltwater tank, has no business not realizing that putting Pacific fish in the Atlantic ocean is just about the dumbest idea any human being has ever had.

Read the article. Educate yourself. Don’t release aquarium specimens back into the wild, especially if you don’t live in their native environment. Return them to your local fish store for credit instead.… [Read More]

Geek News: Say Farewell to the Clie

Better get your Clie now.

Sony announced that it’s pulling it’s Clie line of handheld PDA’s from the market, citing increased competition from “smart phones” which offer many of the same features.

I’ve long thought it might be a good idea for Sony to get into the handheld market, but at this rate, it looks to me like Sony (a company I’m a huge fan of) is losing the race in a lot of arenas. They missed the boat on online music sales… and now this.

Well… I suppose I can at least get a deal on the last few clearance items… *grin*… [Read More]