Time Out

Today… I’m taking some time out from writing about politics, to just write some random crap. This week has, to be honest, it has completely sucked, and it’s time to just examine the good things that have happened, rather than focusing on the bad… so… in order:

1. Got to see some old friends of ours this past weekend. That was nice, and it was good to see them again. We went out to breakfast, got a little too drunk on Saturday and had a lot of fun laughing and just… being.

2. My son has shown me just how grown up he is. Monday, he decided to do some tricks on his scooter (to show off to a very cute girl) and he scraped his palm. The scrape managed to get some dirt in it somehow and got infected. We ran to the doctors office, then to the ER later.… [Read More]


Al Gore doesn’t read blogs…

Wonder how many soldiers he’s talked to… or how many times he’s actually been to Iraq to see the truth of the situation there. Wonder how many times he’s talked to an Iraqi and ask them about how they feel about the world.

Yet he knows so much about this war.

He must have learned it all from Big Media. That must be why this speech made him look more like a raving lunatic to me, than a sane, and concerned citizen of this nation.… [Read More]

Holy Shit: Kerry Said Something Intelligent

It’s frightening, I know.

Now of course, I am not referring to this:

    “They bullied when they should have persuaded. They have gone it alone when they should have assembled a whole team. They have hoped for the best when they should have prepared for the worst. They’ve made America less safe than we should be in a dangerous world,”

Or this:

    “We simply can’t go it alone — or rely on a coalition of the few.”

I’d be referring to this:

    “Kerry called for forging new alliances in the world, modernizing the military, boosting diplomatic efforts and freeing the United States from ‘its dangerous dependence on Mideast oil.'”

Couldn’t have said it better myself… … [Read More]