Oil and Consumption

A heated debate has begun over my post this weekend regarding the price of oil. I’ve been informed that while someone who shall remain nameless understands my point, I have been beating around the bush about it.

So here’s my point:

Gas prices are affected by consumption. The only reason that we’re paying 40 bucks a barrel right now for oil is because people will pay it. That’s consumption right there. If people weren’t buying the stuff, it wouldn’t be that expensive.

Those who consume the most, shouldn’t complain about gas prices, because the rest of the world looks at them and says to themselves: “But you’re the problem!”

In actuality, the problem is that we consume oil at all, not the volumes in which we consume it. Our society and our economy has become so dependent on this one commodity that it has more value to us than gold, even though it is less expensive.… [Read More]

Guardsman Court Martialed

And he’s spending a year in jail for it.

The decision you made, was to serve in the national guard bucko. If you want to set an example here, do it from within by being a good man who keeps his word. Going AWOL is not the way to go about proving your point. In fact, it’s the wrong thing to do.

Personally, I think the guy’s a loser who deserves to be punished for failing to perform his duty as a soldier in the National Guard.

When you sign up to do something like this, you hand over your time and your life to these people. They train you, and they command you and they make the decisions. You don’t get to choose where you go based on your personal political viewpoint. That’s not your place, or your job. That’s why we have a congress, a senate and a president.… [Read More]

More On Gas Prices

IHT: Gasoline Hysteria

No, Bush is not going to tap oil reserves because it’s costing you an extra 30$ a month to fill up the tank of that huge, fuel inefficient SUV that you don’t really need.

I don’t think that your pocket book outweighs the need for the oil reserves to be filled to the brim in the event that we may actually NEED to use them. I’ll pay an extra 50 cents a gallon now, to save 10$ a gallon later, and you should too.

He may have a deal with the Saud’s to decrease gas prices later, he may not, either way… tapping the reserves and stalling their being filled to capacity is not the solution to the problem.

The solution to the problem is alternative fuel technology. … [Read More]

Since When is War Foggy?

Fog of War Clouds Bush Campaign

If the war in Iraq is a foggy thing then I have to wonder why we’re even there in the first place, because surely we can’t see past the ends of our noses to find our own asses…. oh wait. That’s what the media wants you to believe. The scary thing for me, is how many people buy this shit.

I mean… am I the only person who gets sick of the agenda of the media, liberal or otherwise? Clearly it’s the media’s agenda to make the war in Iraq look like a failure. But contrary to all the bullshit that is being spewed forth by the American media… the soldiers seem to think that we’re doing all right.

Worse… is that all the bullshit and all the lies are bringing our boys down. I am beginning to feel that big media has made it their sole purpose in life to drag down our soliders and make them feel guilty about being in Iraq.… [Read More]

Taking A Day Off

Friends of mine, Dave and Carmen have just had their second child. I’ve got to go shopping for baby things (the little man showed up earlier than he was supposed to, so I don’t have ANYTHING prepared for his arrival. I have decided that this is proof that he will always be keeping his parents on their toes.) and I want to go spend some more time with Carmen while she’s in the hospital.

Most of all, congrats to Dave and Carmen and their kidlet!… [Read More]