• Gemini News: Comment System

    I’m looking into replacing my comment system. Haloscan has been running very slow of late, and I think their system is getting bogged down, but it’s making it difficult to post comments on my blog at all. The sad news is, I’ll probably lose all my current comments when I...

  • Next Prez Replaces Greenspan?

    Seems like another good reason not to vote for Kerry to me. But then… as the buttons on the right state, I blog for Bush, so I’m biased. The next President we elect gets to replace Alan Greespan as governor of the Federal Reserve. In some ways, that’s scary… Regardless,...

  • Shell Containing Deadly Nerve Agent Found in Iraq

    That’s interesting… The question remains as to weather this means that stockpiles of these types of weapons exist, or did exist within Hussein’s Iraq. It’s a question we may never really have an answer to, but I’m glad the disposal team found it, as opposed to a small child.

  • Toss Up, or Landslide?

    You decide. In the end, the voters will determine the outcome of the election, but things are still looking positive for Bush for the time being. The polls won’t end up being everything.

  • IGC Member Killed in Blast

    Izzedine Salim, head of the Iraqi Governing Council was killed when a volkswagen parked next to his car exploded. It’s a horrible trend, but the statements later on in the article make sense. If people are going to go around blowing up members of the IGC, who the heck is...