New Link

Well, if you’ve been following my blog, then you know that I occassionally get shot at by a dear friend, who has made it his goal in life to try to get me to think things through completely from start to finish. This is a hard task, given that I am a gemini and am easily distracted by all things bright and sparkly, but he continues to try.

Please welcome Justus For All to the blogosphere!… [Read More] “New Link”

Taking Pot Shots at Michael Moore

Not like it’s really that hard…

Michael Moore is sort of… an easy target. I mean check what this guy has to say. Moore has also been quoted as stating that it is necessary for this film to see wide release prior to the election, thinking that he has the power to change people’s minds.

The scary thing is, given his target audience, he just might. These aren’t the sorts of people who bothered to read the news after “Bowling For Columbine” came out and his arguments tumbled down like a house of cards. They get their current events information from Moore and his books, not from any sort of unbiased news service.… [Read More] “Taking Pot Shots at Michael Moore”

Gemini News: Comment System

I’m looking into replacing my comment system. Haloscan has been running very slow of late, and I think their system is getting bogged down, but it’s making it difficult to post comments on my blog at all.

The sad news is, I’ll probably lose all my current comments when I ditch Haloscan. So… I just wanted to thank everyone that has commented so far, and let them know that I will do my best to make sure the replacement comment system is nowhere near as troublesome.… [Read More] “Gemini News: Comment System”