Next Prez Replaces Greenspan?

Seems like another good reason not to vote for Kerry to me. But then… as the buttons on the right state, I blog for Bush, so I’m biased. The next President we elect gets to replace Alan Greespan as governor of the Federal Reserve. In some ways, that’s scary…

Regardless, Alan Greenspan has been Governor of the Federal Reserve for most of my adult life. Clearly something’s going right because people keep asking him back. … [Read More]

IGC Member Killed in Blast

Izzedine Salim, head of the Iraqi Governing Council was killed when a volkswagen parked next to his car exploded.

It’s a horrible trend, but the statements later on in the article make sense. If people are going to go around blowing up members of the IGC, who the heck is going to want to sit on it?… [Read More]

Updated: Don’t Buy A Drop of Oil Day?

So… I get this e-mail from a friend, telling me that on May 19th, I need to stand up against the oil companies and speak out about the outrageous price of gasoline in the United States.


I beg your pardon? We have the cheapest gas prices in the world! These numbers are from February of this year, they are a little dated, but they definitely display that what is happening here doesn’t hold a candle to gas prices in Europe or Japan. The reason everyone walks to work… is… *drum roll* GASOLINE!

It’s expensive! This is why all the cars coming out of Japan get such great gas mileage. Fueling up an automobile in Japan is truly expensive!

Before you continue to get on your high horse about gasoline prices here in the US I have a few pieces of advice for you:

1. Stop driving big, hulking SUV’s that you never take off-road anyway and other I’m sorry about your penis-mobiles.… [Read More]