• Gemini News: Decision Made!

    I like the new weirdness template with circuitry and crop circles, and a shot of a statue in Central Park. Neat stuffs… so I’m leaving it. One problem for the fans though. Comments for the articles are now posted above the article in question, not below. I’m going to work...

  • Gemini News: New Look!

    Blogger posted up some new templates. I like this one pretty well, but I may be futzing around with others over the course of the next few days. Let me know how you like the look!

  • Record Industry Losses?

    If the post comes out looking funky… let me know in the comments. This is my first trial of BlogThis! Real losses in the record industry. Are these factually attributed to file sharing technologies or not? According to this article, the answer is no. From the numbers he’s been able...

  • UNScam

    Unscam Another one from GlennReynolds.com. I do have to wonder why the majority of the material I’ve read about UNScam has been thanks to links on Instapundit and other blogs across the web, and very little have I seen on actual news outlets, such as CNN or FoxNews. Though, I...

  • What the heck?

    How the shit… … does one not notice a 30 pound [How the shit… … does one not notice a 30 pound](http://www.cnn.com/2004/US/South/04/23/child.dies.ap/index.html)