Record Industry Losses?

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Real losses in the record industry. Are these factually attributed to file sharing technologies or not?

According to this article, the answer is no. From the numbers he’s been able to find, this is not the case, and I’m not surprised. I feel like the RIAA is Chrysler here, asking for the federal government to bail them out of bankruptcy, even though they’ve screwed it up for themselves…

Something to think about.… [Read More]



Another one from

I do have to wonder why the majority of the material I’ve read about UNScam has been thanks to links on Instapundit and other blogs across the web, and very little have I seen on actual news outlets, such as CNN or FoxNews. Though, I wouldn’t put it past FoxNews to run the story. They’ve been surprising in their coverage of late.

Read it for yourself and see what you think, but it certainly does look like the United Nations itself may have been a source of funding for September 11th.

Just… answer this question when you’re done reading. Do you still think we should have waited for UN approval? If this is true, then it’s a safe bet that approval for waging war on Hussein’s regime would never have materialized.… [Read More]

In Memory…

Kurt Cobain, rest well… where ever you are.

Cobain was, to me, the epitome of grunge music, which became popular in the later days of my high school career. I never found Nirvana’s music to be terribly original, or revolutionary, but I connected with it. I identified with it. That’s what made it important to me then, and makes it still important to me now.

Nothing really expresses the angry period that I went through during 1991-1993 better than Nirvana.

Update: This is a far more appropriate and beautiful tribute to Kurt Cobain than the one above, and is a must read.… [Read More]