The Internet, really is everywhere…

For my pals who surf the net from truckstops (most Flying J’s have Wi-Fi available, one of my online buds frequently logs on from his laptop in the Flying J.), Starbucks (Starbucks offers Wi-Fi service at any participating Starbuck’s nationwide), the public library, in your house, in your car via cellular internet technologies on the go:

There is this: Boeing has announced Wi-Fi service available on flights beginning next month.

I don’t think there’s any place where one can’t get connected anymore.… [Read More]

Bush Didn’t Lie.

Still don’t realize that Bush didn’t lie? Well… here’s a few links for you:

David Kay is the proof. Intelligence gathering failed in terms of Iraq before Hussein’s fall. This absolutely does NOT mean that Bush lied. Bush didn’t lie. He was just given bad information, and so was former Pres. Clinton.

Still more on this from the Washington Post.

    “Kay told The Post he had found evidence that Hussein had quietly destroyed some biological and chemical weapons in the mid-1990s — but never reported it to the United Nations. Which was why President Bill Clinton in 1998 declared with great alarm and great confidence that Hussein had huge stockpiles of biological and chemical arms — “and some day, some way, I guarantee you he’ll use the arsenal.”

    The intelligence failure is quite spectacular, but its history is quite prosaic. When the U.N. inspectors left in 1998, they assumed that the huge stockpiles of unaccounted-for weapons still existed.

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State of the Union

State of the Union

So… I just finished reading the state of the union address. I’m about two paragraphs into the rebuttal by Nancy Pelosi… when I read the following paragraphs: “Never before have we been more powerful militarily. But even the most powerful nation in the history of the world must bring other nations to our side to meet common dangers.

The president’s policies do not reflect that. He has pursued a go-it-alone foreign policy that leaves us isolated abroad and that steals resources we need for education and health care here at home.”

Excuse me? Go it alone foreign policy? Bush has asked for foreign aid from the start. And what are Australia, Britain, Norway, Spain, Italy and others exactly if not foreign?

This rebuttal is weak and makes the democrats look like idiots. No wonder Bush is looking so good in the opinion polls. Oh… and one more thing Nancy: In order to understand light, you have to first know what darkness is.… [Read More]

Too Priceless… Must Share…

Just Another Soldier has done it again! My day has begun with a laugh and a smile and a bit of sadness that war is still a necessity in our world. If we have to do it, I’m glad this soldier is on our side.

I can’t find a way to just link to this post directly, but you must read the post on January 7th. At least the first paragraph.… [Read More]

WOOHOO! It’s about bloody time!

The United States Appeals Court has told the RIAA that their tactics in compelling ISP’s to reveal the identities of their customers, violating the customer’s right to privacy “borders upon the silly”. Judge ruled against them and has revoked their subpoena power.

An excellent victory in the battle for privacy, but it’s not over yet. I imagine we’ll see the RIAA find as many ways as they possibly can to make money off of mp3’s through litigation. And once the litigation possibilities run out, then… perhaps, they will start to rethink their business model. Or… perhaps, the artists will get tired of using the RIAA as their means to speak to the world and just start releasing mp3s directly from their websites for 75 cents a piece! Would that not be cool?… [Read More]