DC Sniper Sentenced to Death

In a shooting spree that terrorized millions, snipers shot people outside home improvement centers and grocery stores in October of last year. One of the snipers has been convicted and the death sentence has been recommended as the punishment for his crime.

Not much to say here, other than I feel that if he is the guilty one, he got what he deserved, but it’s news and I’m snowed in. I am here and I am reading this, so should you be.… [Read More]

Jackson At It Again?

In this editorial, FoxNews asks all the right questions. What is wrong with these parents who allow their children to go spend the night with a forty year old man? What are they thinking? What makes them think that this is okay?

Guilty or not, Jackson does have issues… I mean come on, the man has been in the public eye since he was FIVE! He did not have a normal upbringing by any means. How in the world could anyone possibly think that he is grounded in any semblance of reality as the rest of us know it? He was deprived of the things that the rest of us take for granted. Idyllic scenes of climbing trees and swinging on a tire swing in the front yard don’t exactly populate his memories here. I don’t necessarily feel that this is his fault, or that this means that he is guilty of anything, but he is a little… eccentric.… [Read More]

Behind the Times: Goose Creek School Incident

Behind the Times Goose Creek School Incident

I’m a tad behind the times on this one, apparently it happened last week. A public school was raided by police with dogs in search of drugs. Apparently children were forced down onto the ground at gun point by officers and told “You should blame the kids that are bringing in drugs for this.” No drugs were found on the premises.

Dear God. This is only one reason that many parents are looking to alternate forms of education. When are our legislators going to realize that they have done something horribly wrong with the public school system? When are our educators going to realize that there is more to teaching kids than simply making them feel good about themselves in the classroom? When are we going to realize that it’s wrong to blame them for our own paranoia when they dress in all black and choose to be different from other kids?… [Read More]

Death of Iraqi Council Member

I wish that this article did not exist for me to post. If I were truly a person who did not want to see all sides of the story in Iraq, I would not post it here for you to read. But it exists and here it is.

I will be looking around for some confirmation of this news, but so far I have found nothing. I question this, because it comes from the Washington Post, I also suspect that the reality of the situation is nowhere near as sensationalized as this article makes it out to be. Beyond this, I have nothing to say, nothing to say in defense of the soldier or against him. That’s a call that God will have to make.… [Read More]

Update Re: Terri Schiavo

I have been corrected, apparently Mr. Schiavo did make an appearance on Larry King Live. (Thanks for posting that one missy). And I will say… that I still believe that Terri’s parents have a point, on the other hand… so does Mr. Schiavo. This is such a tough call in any direction.

All I can truly say is that I hope this works out for the best for Terri, not for her parents, not for her husband, but for her. I think that Florida was wrong to pass a law specifically for her benefit. I think that was unconstitutional. I’m a republican and I think it was wrong. So… please don’t believe that this is an agenda that represents the feelings of all conservatives. I care about Terri and what happens to her, I do.

I feel that her lack of quality of life is horrendous. I feel that her parents are doing her an injustice, I feel that her husband is doing her an injustice in some respects in that he should have asked her to put her wishes in writing when she said them the first time.… [Read More]