Abortion Woes Anew

President Bush signed a bill into law this week that bans a procedure known as “intact dilation and extraction” or partial birth abortion. I generally agree with President Bush on most things, but this is one area where we are going to have to differ.

There is no provision in this law for allowing for the health of the mother. The procedure is already a rare one and is generally only performed on women who are going to die before the baby can be born. It is generally only performed when a doctor and a family has to make a choice, one life over another.

I also have concerns that congress did not speak with doctors who had performed this procedure before passing the law. If you want to know about the procedure and under what circumstances it’s performed, wouldn’t you want to talk to someone who’s done it? Wouldn’t you want to have their expertise backing up your decision?… [Read More]

Just Another Soldier Heads to Field

Jason, of Just Another Soldier fame, is heading to Iraq. I wanted to take the opportunity to link to his blog here for my readers and to say that he is in my thoughts and my prayers and my hopes. Good luck Jason, many of the folks at home are behind you more than the news would have you believe. Don’t forget it. Do your job and come home safe and sound.… [Read More]

Blogger Threatened with Libel Suit

In a post on slashdot this morning a fellow blogger announced that his friend, Atrios, is being threatened with legal action for posting a link to Donald Luskin’s book. Atrios titled the link, “Diary of a Stalker”. Nevermind the fact that several other news organizations have called Luskin a stalker and Luskin himself even refers to himself as having stalked… nevermind any of that.

Personally, I think Luskin needs to get a cup of coffee and let it slide. Atrios has a right to post what he thinks and if his opinions happen to reflect that of other publications Luskin should be threatening legal action against them as well. They have more market penetration than your average blogger does. … [Read More]

No, it’s really not a spoof.

So… my friend passes me this article on and at first, I’m chuckling and giggling and saying “Okay, that’s cute.” Then I read what she’s written at the bottom of her e-mail. “Pay special attention to the part about how parents who are not Christian spiritually abuse their children.”

Religiously speaking, I was brought up as a Christian. I attended a pentecostal elementary school, I spent a great deal of time as a teenager soul searching and discovering what I believed and what was truly my faith. Even with the extremely fanatic pentecostals that I practiced with as a youth, Halloween was never considered to be Satan’s time of year. Except perhaps by the crazy old bible class teacher, who decided that I was a going to go to hell because I interrupted her to ask if I could go to the bathroom when I was five.

Halloween is a fanciful time of year, it is a time when children can pretend, it is an important part of childhood magic.… [Read More]

Concordes Grounded

It was a sad day for aviation technology. The final three flights of the Concorde supersonic jets were flown today. These planes epitomized a future of supersonic air travel, sadly only the richest of the rich could afford flights aboard these unsurpassably quick planes.

Ticket sales post September 11th slumped, creating the lowest ticket sales in recent history, this along with the crash of a Concorde owned by AirFrance in 2000, which grounded all Concordes for over a year, doomed the line of jets.

But, with the demise of the Concorde, there is hope. It won’t be long before another line of supersonic jets are built, that are hopefully more energy efficient and affordable for the average air traveler.… [Read More]