Microsoft Makes Another Half Assed Attempt at Improving Security

Yes folks, they are at it again! Microsoft is releasing fixes for XP and Server 2003 that will make it easier to apply patches, as if double clicking the icon and saying yes weren’t simple enough.

They are, again, abandoning anyone that is running an older version of windows for this fix. Tens of millions of people out there are still running on Windows 95, 98 and ME. A lot of people chose not to upgrade to XP thanks to the “Big Brother Code” placed in the operating system.

If Microsoft really means to improve security, it should fix all that old code that they keep in the current operating systems and send out the patches to all the other old OS’s. That would be an act of sincere interest in security for the average computer user.… [Read More]

Whoa damn!

Okay… Another whoa damn moment for the week.

A two year old girl was left alone in her mother’s apartment while the mother was sent to jail. Apparently the father of the child did not discover that the mother was in jail for two weeks, meanwhile this little girl somehow managed to stay alive by eating dried pasta, ketchup and jelly.

Some questions arise from this scenario. How in the hell did the police in Jacksonville manage to not notice that the child was left alone in the apartment? Why didn’t the mother tell authorities that her daughter was there and that the child’s father needed to be contacted? Once in jail, why didn’t the mother request permission to call the father and let him know that the little girl was locked in her apartment by herself? Why weren’t child welfare services concerned about the whereabouts of the child, as in a separation, some legal custody had to have been filed regarding all of this?… [Read More]

Paper reveals methods for possible entrapment of innocent P2P users.

A paper posted anonymously on a free website in Australia was released that divulges possible methods for innocent users of file sharing networks to be entrapped by members of the recording industry, or other users of these networks that either have malicious intent, or too much time on their hands.

This paper is an eye opener and provides a possible defense for some of the 261 suits filed against average music consumers. I personally do not believe that the names of these people should ever have been revealed to the RIAA and that their rights to privacy were violated by the RIAA and the government for enacting the DMCA into law… but those are just my thoughts. What are yours?… [Read More]

Go Arnie! Bubye Ari.

Candidate, Ariana Huffington has dropped out of the gubenatorial race in California. The sad news is she’s not backing Arnold Schwarzenegger. No one really expected her to, but hey, a girl can always dream right?

To be blunt, Davis created so many issues for the state, and Californians and their liberal agenda have created so many issues for themselves that these issues are bleeding over into the rest of the west coast and causing other states on the west coast to suffer due to the foolishness of politicians and voters in California. It’s about time there was someone new in Sacremento that not only was working in the best interests of the residents of California, but in the best interests of the rest of the nation as well. While that person may not be Arnie, it’s sure as hell not Gray Davis.… [Read More]

An ailing pope, what’s next for Catholicism?

A German cardinal made a statement that Pope John Paul II is “in a bad way.” It has caused many to wonder what’s next in store for the catholic church.

Nostradamus accurately predicted the reigns of the popes from his time, up to and including John Paul II. Two more popes, according to Nostradamus, and it’s all over. What will we do then? What will the catholic church do then?

It’s a curious thing that I have always wondered about. I have to wonder if some of the man’s prophecies are true, and if he really could see the future. My instincts tell me that there is some truth in what he says, but weather it is a truth of such biblical proportions comes into question. Certainly there is some wisdom in his words, he warns of many things that we should have heeded and did not. I doubt there is anyone reading this that can argue that we are not a species that has a tendancy to repeat mistakes.… [Read More]