A letter to the entitlement generation.

I cannot change the ignorance of younger generations. It is not my fault, nor my responsibility that the rest of society has failed these children. I cannot change the fact that members of the younger generation feel that they are right, even when it is glaringly obvious that they are wrong and not only that they are wrong, but that they are completely and utterly stupid, because they defend their factually incorrect positions with phrases like “Whatever.” and then proceed with the argument.

If you claim you are not going to argue, then don’t. That means you have to shut up first. That does not mean you get to say, “I’m not going to argue” and then go on about how you are absolutely right. That’s not how it works. Either you are arguing, or you are not. Commit to one course of action or the other.

If you claim that you are right, maybe you could do something simple like… check wikipedia and post a link to back up your point of view, and then if you should happen to prove yourself wrong, which you will find will happen a LOT more than you think it will right now because you are young and think you know it all, and I know that you do because, believe it or not, I was once young too, then admit it and apologize for being a jerk.… [Read More]

Chillin’ in the Dining Room with a Straight Up G

The furniture guys were here.

They were moving the new sofa into my family room. We had the carpet guy in on Monday. Lucy was in surgery while he was here and I was sort of grateful that DH and I had finally decided to get around to doing the carpet and replacing living room furniture, because I had something to distract me from sitting here worrying myself into an ulcer while waiting for the vet to call. It ended up being a very pleasant experience with the carpet installer. We chatted the entire time he worked on the carpet. He turned out to be a dog person too, his breed of choice is English Bulldogs and he drove about as far as I drove to get Mugen, to get his puppy. So we had a lot in common. Talked about all sorts of interesting things and I got some great dog friendly vacation ideas for this summer, which I am really thrilled about.… [Read More]

Not in the Cards

Some things… just cannot become part of the plan, no matter how much you might want them to.

It’s become to clear to me that fostering Snow is one of those things. I am going to continue to visit her as I am able and work on socializing her with friends and family that are able to come with me when I have time to visit her at the shelter, but I can’t bring another dog into my home right now. There is a very narrow window of opportunity for such things when you have a dog in your home with cancer.

I visited Snow for a week, about the time she was ready to do a trial run in my home for the weekend, Mugen picked up kennel cough. I contacted the shelter, let them know I was still interested but could not stress his system or risk Snow getting sick by bringing her into my home when Mugen had KC.… [Read More]

Doggie Rehab: Part 2 of 2.

It is unfortunate… but my adopting Snow or fostering her does not seem to have been meant to be.

Somehow, after several people expressed unwarranted concern for Lucy’s well-being that her vet and her oncologist did not share (perhaps because they have actually met me and my dog.. just a thought to consider) over me intending to do all I could to help Snow… Mugen is the one that got sick.

Mugen picked up kennel cough. Likely from me bringing it home to him from the shelter and in spite of the fact that I did everything I could to keep disease out of my home. I suspect that Snow picked it up somehow and hadn’t presented with symptoms just yet and then someone in my family (which could include me) passed it to Mugen through contact with her but I haven’t received a return phone call from the shelter to confirm my thoughts… and to be honest, I don’t blame them for not calling me back.… [Read More]

Doggie Rehab: Part 1 of ?

So… Snow and I have been chillin’ at the shelter.

Her name’s totally getting changed btw… it’s happening. Period.

Every day that I have seen her since I started visiting her has seen drastic improvement. The shelter staff have worked with her, I have worked with her. She is starting to get to the place where she wags when she sees me. This is all intensely awesome and amazing progress. Snow is making progress a lot faster than I expected she would. I really thought it was going to be a couple more weeks before she was ready for us to foster her.… [Read More]