Introducing Snow.

An anonymous person dropped off a very scared Lab mix of some kind at the animal shelter on Saturday.

Lab mixes get dropped off at the shelter all the time, but I witnessed this dog getting dumped. I knew of the owner. I live near the shelter. I had watched this puppy grow up through pictures and worst of all, I know what happens to my chosen breed when they hit about 7 to 10 months of age, particularly if they are a black mixed breed variety of Lab, and therefore, no longer cute.

Black Labs at around this age get dumped.

Labs have this excellent reputation for being the perfect family dog. No one tells people that as puppies, these guys are holy terrors. Some common nicknames I have heard for Lab puppies include, “Spawn of Satan”, “Demon” and my personal name of choice, “Shark”. One of the most common phrases I have heard used to describe what a grown Lab was like as a puppy is, “I thought there was something wrong with my dog.” … [Read More]

That’s My Dog

So… Lucy took off out the front door last night.

Somehow she managed to slip a martingale collar AND the cone of shame at the same time and run out the front door and take off down the street. I was not a witness to this, I just heard my daughter shout, “HELP!”… [Read More]

Pet Peeves

This is not a meme, but if you want to do it on your facebook page or something, I suppose you could turn it into one. One of the gals on the Lab board posted and asked what our pet peeves are. These are mine, if you post yours somewhere, send me a link in the comments!

Door to door anybody. This is my home. It is a place of peace and serenity where I attempt to write novels that will probably never get published and periodically have to chase Mugen down because he stole a dish towel off the kitchen counter. I do not have time to answer the door. Mugen might be swallowing a sock while I am telling you to go away, so just get the hint when I say, “No thanks.” and shut the door in your face. Do NOT knock again. Go away!… [Read More]

Christmas Garland

When I was a little girl, my mom and dad bought this beautiful garland for our tree. Well, I was eight and I thought it was beautiful. It was red with a red and white gingham check pattern in the middle. It wasn’t like all the other garland that everyone else had and I loved it. On Christmas morning that year, I don’t remember the presents that were under the tree at all. I remember how beautiful it was, I remember that Santa had been there and turned on the lights and made everything look like magic. I remember the awe and the wonder and believing that miracles could happen.

I think I might have gotten a cabbage patch kid that year.

The presents are not important to my thirty something year old mind. I remember the magic the wonder and the love and how the tree was really all about that.… [Read More]

Scrivener and Me

This could get long, I’m coming off of a very long November.

I am relatively new to Macs. I got my very first Mac in December 2008 and I am still thrilled to tell everyone who will listen, that I am typing on that very same Mac right now. I am impressed and amazed that I have had a computer this long and have never had to call tech support and have not had a hard drive blow up, or the back light in a screen go out for no apparent reason other than it just felt like dying that day. When I went to the genius bar to get my iPhone fixed, the Genius told me I could expect to have my Mac for another three years. I grinned like a kid on Christmas when he told me that.

I love being a Mac owner.

I have been searching for word processing software since I bought my Mac.… [Read More]