How Faces Changed My Life in 20 Minutes.

As I type this, I am in tears.

I have seen photos of my children that I had been trying to find for months. I have found photos of a dear friend who has passed on, that I did not even know I had.

I am in awe at how much of my life I have recorded on “film”, I am so moved by seeing the past three years of my life in pictures in front of my face… that I can’t stop crying and I will likely run us out of kleenex and use up a couple of rolls of TP before I’m done writing this article.

I had no idea how much of it I’d actually captured until I sat down to play with iPhoto 11 this morning. There were pictures of our road trip to Seattle. Pictures of my husband and I going to buy my MINI Cooper.… [Read More]

In Memory of Lisa Michelle Manley

I don’t know where to put this. I can’t even think…

I just know that I need to tell it. I need to let it out. I’m sorry if this is inappropriate in any way.

My BFF called me this afternoon as I was on my way to get my nails done. I’ve had a wonderful day. Good news about Lucy’s cancer. I went down to the office and saw my hubby’s new space. They have good reason to be proud of it.

We went to Pig out in the Park. A huge event where all the local food vendors get together and put up a food truck in the park. Lots of food, odd music and prime people watching material.

We got chased by a bee because it wanted some of the daughter’s barbecued pork.

And with my daughter sitting next to me in the car on a beautiful, late summer day… and with my BFF on speaker phone… she told me that her little sister, whom I have known since she was 12 years old, killed herself today.… [Read More]

Dear Wal-Mart, You and I Are Through.

Every time I have headed up to my local wal-mart shopping center this summer, the savings have NOT been worth the trip.

There are solicitors standing outside trying to sell me girl scout cookies or popcorn tins or otis spunkmeyer cookies or wrapping paper or are trying to get me to sign a petition for some political cause. The ones that REALLY tick me off are the jerks that are standing on the grass with a laundry basket full of puppies stuffed in the bottom of a shopping cart with a sign that says, “AKC Puppies! 250$”

The AKC could go a long, long way toward stopping this practice by sending out paperwork to every dipwad that has a puppy that informs them about local low cost spay and neuter programs in the area, but I’ll take the AKC to task some other time.

I’m here to talk to you about wal-mart.… [Read More]

Argh! That was my FACE!

So.. Lucy is feeling good.

She’s feeling so good that my fears and concerns and negativity about her cancer have just melted away.

She is barking at tweedle dee and tweedle dum across the street. She’s chasing squirrels. She’s plotting the inevitable end of the neighbor’s schnauzer and is STILL attempting to exit our back yard so she can go into the OTHER back yard and play with our other neighbor’s dog, a brittany, whom Mugen intensely dislikes and yet… Lucy wants to make a great friend of. It’s almost as if she’s trying to play with this dog to spite Mugen.

She is also doing this, while rolling my butt out of bed at 6 am, because Daddy’s awake and this means that Mom must be awake shortly thereafter. In spite of the fact that it is summer and we are NOT going to hop in the car and go to Starbucks because I have the robo-espresso that saves me 5$ a day on lattes and feeds my caffeine addiction with a continuous stream of body, heart and crema.… [Read More]

Good Girl Lucy?

So… since the cone of shame has been on Lucy’s head… she has decided that I must take over her duties as Mama Dog to Mugen.

So… when Mugen whines and gets bored, Lucy gets up from her nap, comes over to me and barks at me until I ask her what’s wrong. Then she sits and looks at the pup, who whines… as if on cue… and then finds a ball. Since Lucy is unable to play bitey face due to the cone and the stitches, I must take her place as Mugen’s playmate.

Fine… okay, I get it.

For the last several weeks, it’s been raining. In fact, most of the time, it’s raining. Mugen is bored out of his mind. Lucy has been barking at me quite a bit and my nerves are just about shot. I cannot wait for this cone to come off of her head so they can play together again.… [Read More]