Mugen and the Street Sweeper.

So… I had some yard work to do out front today. The weather is just gorgeous and I felt bad about leaving Mugen inside because it was super hot in the house and we haven’t done the first start of our A/C unit yet. Lucy was already firmly entrenched in her post-lunch, pre afternoon nap, nap.

So… I grabbed the long line and went out front. … [Read More]

Gizmodo’s Checkbook Journalism.

Come on.

Admit it.

When you saw Gizmodo’s photos of iPhone 4 this week, you thought it. “Way to go Gizmodo!”

Part of me wants to applaud Gizmodo for doing the Lois Lane thing and getting that story no matter what it took. I’m generally okay with checkbook journalism, as long as no one breaks the law in the process of the acquisition of the story.… [Read More]

Why Bullying is a Problem.

Bullying isn’t a new problem.

When I was a teenager, I was bullied. My parents talked to the school. I talked to the school and told my teachers about the bullies in each of my classes in junior high. Every single time that someone called me a name, or hit me, they got caught doing it. Every single time, they got suspended and a phone call went to their parents that grounded them until the end of the school year.… [Read More]

Book Review: The Long Way Home by David Laskin

I don’t normally read non-fic. I was asked by a friend to review David Laskin’s The Long Way Home. I told him up front, “I don’t do history.” and he said, “It’s okay, it’s not dry, boring history. I promise.”

I was pleasantly surprised when I got completely sucked into this book after it arrived here. The Long Way Home, has been a different sort of read for me. I would love to write a fully detailed review for you, but I’m not going to do that.… [Read More]

So Easy.

Apple released its iPad on Saturday. Already is declaring that HP’s slate will be an ‘iPad Killer’. I find this funny because iPad hasn’t had time to establish itself, let alone sort out what market it is being sold to and yet, CNET is certain of the powerhouse that iPad will become. So much so, that they feel the need to start bestowing titles upon competing devices as though iPad is already dominating a market that barely even exists.… [Read More]