Random Gemini’s iPad Review.

Welp… I don’t have much to say about the iPad.

Hubby picked ours up yesterday and I have played with it for approximately oh… 15 minutes. Long enough to tell you that I really dig the IDEA of Netflix App on the iPad… and I really dig the idea of Kindle App on the iPad… iBooks looks really swanky and… the AP Mobile News App on iPad… just… owns.

Otherwise… hubby has not taken his hands off our iPad except for while he was sleeping last night and the 20 minutes that he was in the shower this morning… and the 15 minutes during which he was making breakfast.

So… I have no idea what I can tell you about the iPad and its features… because I have no freaking clue what they are yet.

That’s it.

Happy Easter!… [Read More]

Seattle MINI

As many of you may remember, my experiences at Northwest MINI last summer were nothing short of a nightmare. I was in tears when I finally made it home. I couldn’t even complain while I was at the dealership because I was so angry that I was afraid I’d go postal on the staff there. When I got home I emailed a scathing letter to the lovely man who sold Viola to me… and he vowed to make it right and suggested that he would take care of my car personally or that I could go to Seattle MINI when it opened this year.… [Read More]


The son is 16…. almost 17. He’s getting his driver’s license as soon as he passes the test. He only failed it by two points last week, he actually did really well and the examiner told him that most kids fail it the first time because they get nervous, but the second time is a cakewalk.

He got his first job. He’s finishing up his junior year in high school with decent enough grades and a plan for college. He’s got a girlfriend that I actually approve of.

She invited him to prom.… [Read More]

Cheap Shoes

I have long known that Mac users and PC users speak a different language.

There’s a fundamental difference between how PC users use their machines and how Mac users do it. The biggest one being that backups and restores are absolutely no problem over here. I still have no idea how one accomplishes this under Windows without copying over massive groups of files, by hand. In fact… now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure that’s the only way to do it under Windows without spending any money on third party software and if that’s the case, that makes me really, really sad.

Apple, may I say again, that Time Machine… simply rocks. … [Read More]

A Morning in the Life of 2 Gemini

So I got up on time this morning.

Daughter overslept.

Son got up on time.

Hubby took daughter to school and I took son to school and up to this point, everything was totally ok.

I get the son to school and I come home to discover that hubby has left me with the oatmeal that I do not eat for breakfast… and no other breakfast supplies. I checked the board where we write down the stuff we’re out of before I left because I pass 2 grocery stores and several breakfast establishments on the way back from taking the son to school. I also checked the pantry, just in case.… [Read More]