Mugen is AMAZING!

Yesterday, I decided to try something different for dog school. I fed Mugen a larger than usual breakfast and skipped his lunch meal entirely. Dinner happens after dog school is over. I thought I’d see how this worked for us.

I got out my hot dogs (hebrew national, 97% fat free! Thanks to Annette! I never would have thought to share MY hot dogs with the puppy if she hadn’t mentioned it!!) and started slicing them up and prepping them to go in the nuker and Mugen started salivating all over the place. So I had him do a few sits and downs for me and I gave him a couple bits of hot dog and then we got into the car and left.… [Read More]

Apple Releases iPad!

This morning, I realized a little late that the State of the Union Address was today. For those of you that follow me on twitter, you might have noticed my tweet somewhere around 9 am this morning that read as follows: “LOL! comment on engadget: “I’m more excited about Job’s state of the union address than Obama’s… What does that say about us?” This was promptly picked up by the Obama twitter bot. The reality is that I realized that the state of the union address was today when I read that comment on Engadget. … [Read More]

My Ten Essential iPhone Apps

Well… it had to happen sooner or later. I think I have posted one of these before, but it needs an update and I have a few folks on twitter asking me the question: What are your favorite apps?

Well, here they are. These are the apps I can’t live without. Post yours in the comments! I’m always interested in looking for a new app!… [Read More]

MINI Almost Killed My Enthusiasm.

Those of you that are regular readers of this blog, or are personal friends, may remember that I had a really horrible service experience with my MINI dealer this past July during which they left me stranded in a motel 6 next door to a greasy spoon for 24 hours after promising me a loaner car on 3 separate occasions. You will also remember that prior to this service experience, all I did was talk about my car and how much I loved it. I’m sure you’ve noticed how much quieter I have been about my MINI lately. … [Read More]

Ladies and Gentlemen

Good evening!

Gah! I am so excited and I don’t even know where to start! I just won NaNoWrimo again this year! This book isn’t even done yet and I’m at 50,389 words! The word count will continue to climb. I had considered publishing this piece on my blog, but as the story has grown, I have realized I have a very publishable piece of young adult fiction that I am going to try to get an agent lined up to look at. … [Read More]