Dear Mr. President.

I know you are a very busy man and I’m no one really important in your life. I’m just a voter, a mother of two who has a couple of really great dogs who has lived her life believing in this country and what it stands for. I’m being honest when I say that I didn’t even vote for you. I wanted to believe in you though. I wanted to believe that the change you promised would be good for this country. This country really needs to believe in itself again and I wanted to think that you could do that with your enthusiasm and your passion. The only reason I didn’t vote for you, is because I couldn’t figure out what it was exactly that you wanted to change. … [Read More]

Parenting Teenagers Sucks.

This morning, hubby again tried to let me sleep in. He’s so sweet and I love him for it… but my daughter when she’s hormonal… I swear I could just explode.

Hubby had her put Lucy out. She didn’t wait for Lucy to go all the way. Both dogs, first thing in the AM have to do 1 and 2. She let Lucy pee but didn’t wait for the second half of the game. So she brought Lucy back in. Lucy, bless her heart, came upstairs to my bedroom and bumped her head on the door and tried to wake me up. I woke up in time to catch her squatting on my carpet as hubby was running up the stairs after her. Poor baby.

So quite obviously, I was awake for the day.… [Read More]

Dog Fart!

I’ve had to adjust the routine since Lucy came home. It’s been rough actually but any time you have to settle into a new routine, it’s hard. So I get up at 6 am. I have the daughter attempt to take Lucy out, which does not work, for some reason, Lucy will only do her business when I’m standing outside with her which I am totally okay with now that I’ve realized it, but my kids would take her out and would forget to tell me that she didn’t go. You can imagine what a fiasco this has been.… [Read More]

TGIF! … Not.

Today is the day I usually get to sleep in until 7. Mugen is quite happy to sleep in when my alarm doesn’t go off. So I settled in last night for my sleep in morning and everything was great and then… I get awakened at 6:30 by a puppy licking me in the face.

Now… don’t get me wrong, this was cute and wonderful, but I wondered how on Earth he had gotten out of his crate and into the bed with me. I had an immediate suspect and he had just shut the bedroom door.… [Read More]

One Week with Miss Lucy

It’s been a week.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a week. Mugen and Lucy or “you dorks” as I have come to call them, play together like they have been the best of friends since the day they were born. I love watching them play. I also love that Lucy is so very smart. When she’s had enough of Mugen she just sits down next to me and puts her head in my lap and then I make the puppy go away for a while.

Lucy isn’t a fan of sharing her food, but I’m okay with that. The house is big enough to keep the food separate. I’m starting to switch her onto California Natural today… and she ate the quarter cup I put in with her Pedigree… and is watching Mugen butt tuck around the parlor and dining room with this look of amazement… oh… wait, she just gave him a hip check and now they’re rolling around in the floor again and chewing on each other’s tags.… [Read More]