September 11th, 2009

Ever since the terrorist attacks on the world trade center in 2001, I have used this day as a day of reflection. It was the first day of my adult life when I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that my life would change forever as I watched events unfold. My heart broke as I watched the buildings collapse on CNN. My confidence in my safety sank and for weeks afterward, I didn’t sleep as soundly as I normally do.

Each year, on this day, the anniversary of the WTC collapse, I like to write a blog post and offer my heartfelt condolences to those who lost loved ones that day, but this year it feels a little bit different for me. I still feel for the families of those who died, but somehow I feel more as if there was something I lost that day too. We all did.… [Read More]

Walking Away

There has come a time in every relationship that I’ve had with most of the people I know… where I have had to walk away from them for a while. Either they create too much stress for me or they say things about me to my friends and family that are simply not true. Perhaps they are well-meaning and try to help when I complain about my problems, but instead they say things that go completely against my grain and I just smile and nod and then don’t bother to return their phone calls.

I know this sounds petty and childish, but it’s really not. The truth is, sometimes friends grow apart. Sometimes things change and the really great friend that you once had isn’t such a great person for you to be around anymore. I have a friend who refers to these people as “toxic individuals” and it’s a really good phrase for them, especially because I think that the moment a relationship with another person becomes toxic, that’s it.… [Read More]

Puppy Love

In my excitement over being a new puppy parent, I have been freaking out over the dumbest things. I was exasperated by his endless chewing. I was frustrated by the biting of my fingers and hands. I was going insane over not being able to wear my favorite shoes because he kept chewing on the things… and I got a GREAT deal on these Dansko sandals… and I will not find such a deal again if I end up having to replace them.

It was killing me.

I was losing my mind. … [Read More]

Mugen the Amazing Puppy Monster

Passed Out

So he’s home.

I thought I would need more time to recover from Reilly’s passing, and I still miss him horribly, but it’s hard to be sad when you stand at your kitchen counter typing and there is a brand new little baby licking your toes.

When I talked to his breeder, I expected to have to get on a waiting list. She ended up with two more puppies than she’d planned for this summer and hadn’t been able to find forever homes for them all at the time that we’d spoken. In other words, I got lucky. If I had waited a couple more weeks to contact her, she would have found perfect homes for all the puppies and I would have been out of luck. Maybe it was fate. … [Read More]

Road Trip Hell

Given that it is a five and a half hour drive from my house to my car dealership, I’m sure you can imagine that it takes a bit of planning to get there. While in the planning stages, I made a phone call and scheduled an appointment with the service department. In this first phone call, I asked for the sunroof TSB to be applied to my car, I explained that my power windows rolled themselves down in the middle of a blizzard and that I wanted them to do an oil change and warranty service inspection. This was about a month before I intended to actually go to the dealership. I needed to get a date and time on my calendar because, with a new puppy coming home soon and two teenagers, stuff tends to fill up quickly. At this time, I told the gal on the phone to make sure that it was noted that I would need a loaner car.… [Read More]