Regular People Do NOT Understand Geeks.

Let’s be realistic about how we get involved in relationships that work.

We find someone that we like the look of, we learn if they have things in common with us, and if we find enough commonality to build a foundation upon, we can have a successful relationship with that person. This is true of friendship, family and romance. It’s actually really very simple, but people get so wound up about romance and dating that they can’t see the forest for the trees.… [Read More]

27 years later, case closed on Adam Walsh

I saw a tweet go by this morning that mentioned that the Adam Walsh case was officially being closed today. I thought it important to blog it here, because this case has been ongoing for almost as long as I’ve been alive. Adam Walsh would be my age if he were alive today and when the news broke of his death, I cried for him because that could have just as easily been me.

Adam Walsh disappeared in a time when it was okay to let your kids walk through the toys section while you finished up your shopping and then came back for them. Department stores like that were always full of kids in the toy sections when I was growing up. Sometimes, play groups would form around the displays and I would make new friends there, but after Adam Walsh disappeared, I think every parent in America slept a little less easily.… [Read More]

Viola’s New Shoes

Viola came with Goodyear Excellence run on flat tires. These tires are great for summer driving, and I liked the traction they got in the rain. I felt pretty confident driving on them until the colder temps hit, and then I felt like I was skating on dry pavement so hubby and I agreed that Viola needed dedicated snow tires.… [Read More]

A Rain to Wash the World Clean.

The title of this article is probably my favorite line from Cowboy Bebop. It comes at the end of Cowboy Bebop the movie, when Jet is talking about the aftermath of all of the exploits of Spike, Fay, Ed and himself where they use the rain to give the world a vaccine to protect them from a deadly engineered virus. That scene is probably one of the more poignant moments in the whole of anime. And after the year I have had this year, I have been praying for that rain.… [Read More]

Some Crazy Asian Finally Invented the Persocom.

Now, of course, I disagree that she’s perfect but I know a lot of guys who will appreciate this article in which a man has built himself a wife. via /.

What more could a guy want, really?

This gal is attractive, reads you the morning headlines and has a smokin’ hot bod, but he can’t have sex with her yet. Much like Chii from Clamp’s manga, Chobits. I always felt so bad for Hideki. He had all that porn hanging around, he was clearly not in control of his hormones… and he couldn’t have sex with his girlfriend because she was a robot. … [Read More]