Poo Rock.

I have to share this with you all. A local blogger, Barb Chamberlain, recently began following me on twitter, and she posts her blogposts to twitter, much like I do. Today, she posted this charming little story and you have to read it. I read it to my daughter and she and I sat at the kitchen counter and giggled for good five minutes.

The article is titled: Sweetie and the Poo Rock.[Read More]

Netflix Silverlight Plugin for Mac is in the Wild.

Netflix announced that its silverlight plugin that allows Mac users to use the Netflix Instant Watch feature is available today, as in like.. right now. If you go to netflix from a mac, and click on “Watch now!” on any instant play title, it forwards you to a page where you can download the silverlight plugin.

However… I think I am going to wait a week and see how this one shakes out first. The early reviews from beta testers of the Silverlight plug-in were not at all positive and one guy complained that he actually had to reboot his mac. Given than I haven’t had to reboot my mac once in the last week or shut it down, I find there to be something inherently wrong with that idea… so I’ll wait.

What about the rest of you mac users out there?

Are you brave enough?… [Read More]

Reconciling Social Networking and Parenting.

As you folks can see on the sidebar, I use twitter. I never got into using myspace or facebook, those things didn’t really interest me, but I love the language challenge inherent in twitter. You have 140 characters to sum up what you are doing right now. Make your point quickly, get in, get out and have fun.

I love it. I use twitter a lot, and my twitter page is updated more frequently than this blog ever has been. But today I started thinking about social networking seriously for the first time because it occurred to me that social networking has become an integral part of our society and that hit me when a kid who was the same age as my youngest child started following me on twitter and revealed their age. … [Read More]

Apple Pulls Down Antivirus Support Page

I can’t blog 24 hours a day, and I saw the news late last night that Apple had pulled down the support page that I linked to yesterday, saying that the page was old and outdated and that OSX contained features which made it resilient against viruses and exploits.

Apple made several good arguments about why antivirus software wasn’t necessary and could be detrimental to performance on the mac because antivirus software tends to be fairly intensive and hogs system resources that users could be using to get things done.… [Read More]

Top Ten Yahoo Searches

When I see things like this, I have to wonder what this says about America to the rest of the globe. The top ten yahoo searches of 2008 start off with Britney Spears and it only gets worse from there.

No wonder other countries hate us. We’re a bunch of losers with boring lives that have nothing better to do besides throw our money at mentally ill super stars, wrestling programs that we are well aware are fake, and of all things.. really crappy Japanese anime. (Sorry Viz, but your American production of Naruto is lame with a capital LAME).… [Read More]