Just for my readers who don’t know, I’m a white chick. I come from a long line of white people, and my long line of white people have mostly been poor farmers. They fought on both sides of the civil war. They fought in the American Revolution. They fought in Vietnam and in every war that America has engaged in since the dawn of this nation. My family has always been intensely proud of that heritage. My cousin has served in Iraq and we are all very proud of him for choosing the military life as an homage to my grandfather, who was an MP during World War II.

This is a rather lengthy bit of background to get to my point, but it is important because the point I have to make is about the changing of minds and attitudes between the generations. Admittedly, I did not vote for Obama, but I didn’t vote for him out of self-preservation reasons, more than anything else.… [Read More]

Toyota Abusing DMCA?

I’m not sure how much stock to put into this article, that comes to you via /. But I will say this much, if this is true, then Toyota are a bunch of A-holes that are not worthy of the admiration of those thousands of folks who put up wallpapers of their Toyotas/Scions/Lexi.

I often have to wonder about the state of the world anymore, where people are constantly being forced to question weather they actually own a thing when they pay money for it, or weather they just own a license to use it. I would have a hard time spending the amount of money that it costs to buy a car, if I couldn’t take pictures of the thing and I couldn’t refer to it by its product name when telling others what I really think about it, and was only allowed to use it for as long as the company felt it was appropriate for me to use it.… [Read More]

AVG Having Issues with XP?

These sorts of things are disconcerting, especially since AVG is in one of my top free software picks for windows based machines. If this sort of behavior keeps up, I might have to start shuttling folks toward Anti-Vir. Which is annoying because it is ad-supported, but I see the capitalistic advantage in ad-supported utilities and am willing to do my bit for king and capitalism if AVG manages to work an epic fail.

Of course, since I don’t use XP currently, it will be sort of hard for them to get a failing grade from me, but there are XP machines in the house so we’ll have to see how far this goes.… [Read More]

Barack Obama to Suffer from Internet Withdrawal.

This is something that had never occurred to me. The president of the United States cannot communicate via email. I’m sure that I knew that somewhere deep down, but I was sure exceptions were made for family. I was positive that it was always possible for George Bush to email pictures of his wife and pets to his parents as they enjoy their retirement, but the New York Times pointed out that Barack Obama is expecting to be told by the secret service to give up his blackberry.

People that know me in real life know that it is nearly impossible to separate me from my iPhone. I am practically attached to the thing, and when I broke my first gen iPhone earlier this week I was so upset that I wrote a scathing blog post about the 3g that I had replaced the phone with. Of course… now I don’t want to give the 3g up because it’s my NEW iPhone and is my NEW appendage… and it’s shiny too.… [Read More]


I am participating in National Novel Writing Month.

If you are interested in details on NaNo, visit their website.

So far, it’s been going well. I am working with my web programmer husband to get a graphic on my sidebar that will show my loyal readers what word count I’m at, but for now, when I hit a benchmark, I post it on twitter, and any readers of my blog can see my tweets on the sidebar, also a new feature added by my husband.

I don’t have a lot to share about this, other than to apologize for my lack of posting lately. Life has been fairly hectic and as a way to sort of blow off some steam about it all, I decided to participate in NaNo. This has put me in touch with a rather close knit group of local writers that participate in the event every year and these gals are out of this world.… [Read More]