• The Luckiest Photocopier, Ever.

    It’s Wednesday, so even the song is appropriate. It’s called “Weekend” and while appropriate, it’s not the greatest thing, but still… I know many men, some of whom read this blog, that would wish they could be the photocopier.

  • Another Pokemon for the Pokedex.

    I’m all for good political humor… but this image that my son showed me earlier today, while cheesy, made my whole day. I’m posting it in an external link because I don’t believe in hotlinking and I’ve been too lazy to fix the flickr plug-in on my blog.

  • The Car is Doomed?

    It is rare that I will link to an article that’s on Motor Trend. My father was an avid reader, and my brother is too, but I never got into the whole car thing like they did. I don’t understand the mechanics behind how these machines work, but I do...

  • Why Left Coast Pizza Sucks.

    Amen to this guy, who explains the science behind why it is that pizza on the west coast cannot ever approach the goodness that is true New York pizza. Apparently the secret is in 90 year old brick ovens, and the tap water. Amazing, no? I’ve always wondered about that...

  • An Open Letter to Steve Ballmer

    Dear Mr. Ballmer, I understand that at the MVP Conference in Seattle this weekend, you referred to Windows Vista as a “work in progress”. As a daily user of this operating system, I have no idea how it is that you can even begin to assume that this phrase gives...