The Car is Doomed?

It is rare that I will link to an article that’s on Motor Trend. My father was an avid reader, and my brother is too, but I never got into the whole car thing like they did. I don’t understand the mechanics behind how these machines work, but I do have a moderate grasp on the physics, and I spent enough time around cars as a child to know certain things. I can tell if my car isn’t running right by how it sounds, and I may not know exactly what is wrong, but I do know when it’s time to go see the mechanic.

Lately, I have been considering the idea of getting a new car. I’m really enamored to the Mini Cooper, but there isn’t a dealership that sells them close by and the nearest warranty service center for them is 200 miles away. I’m also actually considering purchasing my third Toyota Corolla.… [Read More] “The Car is Doomed?”

Why Left Coast Pizza Sucks.

Amen to this guy, who explains the science behind why it is that pizza on the west coast cannot ever approach the goodness that is true New York pizza. Apparently the secret is in 90 year old brick ovens, and the tap water. Amazing, no?

I’ve always wondered about that pizza thing. I mean, I like pizza enough to eat it, regardless of its origins, but there still is very little that competes with slices of New York style pies. Personally, I preferred my uncle’s rendition of pizza to everything else. My uncle is Sicilian and learned to make this wicked amazing pizza, which he then passed down to my father, who also makes this wicked amazing pizza, but it’s not quite as good as my uncle’s for some reason. Perhaps this exercise in scientific explanation makes sense, and can help humanity truly understand what goes in to making the best pizza in the world.… [Read More] “Why Left Coast Pizza Sucks.”

An Open Letter to Steve Ballmer

Dear Mr. Ballmer,

I understand that at the MVP Conference in Seattle this weekend, you referred to Windows Vista as a “work in progress”. As a daily user of this operating system, I have no idea how it is that you can even begin to assume that this phrase gives me confidence for my future use of this OS.

We could argue about the finer points of Windows Vista and all you have learned for as long as you like, but the reality of this situation is that I’m an end user of a product that you’re selling. I expect products that I pay for to work. There are many products I’ve passed on because they simply don’t work. With my OS, I have not been given the option to choose one that works. Windows Vista came with my PC. I called my hardware manufacturer and requested a downgrade to Windows XP one week after I purchased this machine.… [Read More] “An Open Letter to Steve Ballmer”

Whacko Cults

And the final digg find of the day is this really neat photo essay that describes the cults that went whacko.

It’s particularly topical because of all the news stories that have been surrounding the FLDS ranch in Texas, and all of the comparisons that I have seen made to this facility and Waco, with the most interesting quotes being from the Texas officials who desperately wish to avoid a repeat of the Waco tragedy. Of course, I do not mean to imply that those living on the FLDS ranch are cult members and personally, as far as that whole scene goes, I just want them to get through the evaluations of those children and let those kids go home. I am sure that maybe 5% of the families on that ranch have not been as responsible toward their children as they should have been, but the other 95% deserve to return to their loving homes.… [Read More] “Whacko Cults”