And yet another idiot files a lawsuit…

Come on people! iTunes will gladly let you put DRM free mp3’s from other services on board its device. If you’ve got a problem with WMA files, stop downloading them! Microsoft is only pulling the WMA thing because they want you to buy a Zune.

This lady’s claim has some serious issues that anyone who understands this technology will look at and see immediately. In fact, the majority of her claims are so laughable that it’s the only reason I bothered to share the article at all. If she gets a judge who bothers to keep up on technology at all, I fully expect that he (or she) will laugh this woman out of the court room.

Read the article and get a good laugh. This isn’t the first time that someone has filed against Apple for violations of the Sherman Anti-Trust act, and I doubt it will be the last, but it certainly is the dumbest I have seen by far.… [Read More]

Blogging Lite

I’m keeping it skimpy today due to an unforeseen run-in with a calculator and a ball point pen.

No, really I’m fine. It just hurts to type a lot.

Of interest today:

Hillary on the run from Obama.

Britney hospitalized after row with ex.

Sony releasing DRM Free songs on

And that’s about it… I know, it’s a weird mix of news, but sometimes, like today, you just put up links to the first three things that caught your eye, regardless of how stupid they were.

Happy Friday!… [Read More]

Barack Obama Wins Iowa Caucus!

Usually, I vote conservative, but Barack Obama winning the Iowa caucus really is a vindication for me. I have been saying for months, that Obama should be taken seriously as a candidate and I believe that even the democrats that surround me have said, “Well I really like the guy, but he won’t get the nomination.”

To those people I say, “Ha! In your face!”

Congrats to Obama and his campaign crew.

Congrats also go to Mike Huckabee for surprising me and making me realize that I needed to take him more seriously as well. I didn’t suspect that Romney would win, but I wasn’t entirely sure who would. For me that was really a toss up between McCain and Guiliani. Huckabee seems far to right of right for me, but Republican voters in Iowa seem to like that about him.

If this is a predictor of who we’ll see on the ballot in November, and by no means should this be taken as proof positive, I don’t have a choice.… [Read More]

Tiger Attack at SF Zoo

I’ve been following this story since it happened, and haven’t posted anything on it so I thought I would share today’s news on it. Today, a lawyer for the two brothers, who survived the tiger attack, has announced that authorities at the zoo ignored the brothers’ cries for help when they went to a cafe and tried to get inside. Furthermore, a security guard also ignored their pleas for assistance. A 911 call on the incident states that the zoo officials believed that the brothers were deranged, in spite of the fact that one of them was obviously bleeding.

I’m not here to say who did what in this case. Clearly zoo officials could have been a little more responsive and should have taken the attack seriously, regardless of whether they thought someone was deranged or not. I don’t know if these boys taunted the tiger, they may have done so.… [Read More]

Scary Guy Stalks Kid Via Xbox Live

Forget that the guy is a creepy bastard. Forget that the kid was playing xbox live for just a second…

What the hell was this kid doing, giving her real name out on the internet? Did her parents not teach her any common sense? You *never* ever do that as a minor. That is how creepy bastards like this find you and drive by your house and threaten to rape you. They can’t do it if you don’t tell them who you are!

Anonymity is our greatest safety feature on the internet. It truly is, but in order to maintain it, one must keep one’s mouth shut. If the parents of this girl happen to be reading this at some point, please talk to your daughter about the importance of maintaining her anonymity on the internet because it will protect her from stalker assholes for the rest of her life.… [Read More]