Windows Vista Woes.

Now, I am a gadget girl, but I’m not sure that you could truly call me a computer geek. I keep my husband around to fill in those shoes, still, today I managed to prove that I am geeky enough by pointing out that the only difference between his computer and mine was windows vista and the only known issue that caused a disaparity between his ability to sync his iphone, and my ability to sync mine is windows vista.

According to Apple, Windows Vista machines with SATA hard drives on board have problems transferring pictures and video through iTunes. Lord only knows why, this is just what Apple says. But when I hopped on to see if there was a driver update for my SATA hard drive, guess what? Nada. I followed all of Apple’s suggestions, including disabling some features in Windows Vista that I don’t use anyway (all of this was directed by my wonderful geek husband) and still nothing.… [Read More]

2007: The Year in Anime

I was doing my usual perusal of the anime news sites this morning when it occurred to me that anime this last year has changed drastically. The big issue of course, is that Geneon Entertainment’s operations were shut down by their Japanese parent company back in October. Many fans who were buying Karin, Hellsing Ultimate, Black Lagoon and The Story of Saiunkoku were hung out to dry with the news. I was buying two of those shows and had completed each to volume three. It’s enough of an investment in an anime series that to be unable to complete it at this stage is by God annoying.

Not only this, but I have noticed that the good stuff that we used to be able to expect to come from Bandai Entertainment, ya know, stuff like Wolf’s Rain, or Yukikaze… that stuff completely dried up this year. Thankfully, ADV and Funimation are doing a fine job of filling in the gap with anime that I want to buy, but more and more titles lately are so… ensconced in what’s popular in the Japanese market.… [Read More]

10 Things I Loved in 2007.

When reading through all the end of the year lists posted on various sites, I noticed that so many of them were negative. “10 Biggest Disappointments” was something that caught my eye, and while funny, I really felt like it was important to end the year on a positive note. You see, 2007 has been a great year. It really has. The best things about it to me, are probably unimportant to you though, so I’m going to stick with materialistic objects of the year that made my eyes pop out of my skull.

I know, it’s oh so shallow of me, but I’m a gadget girl. Get over it.

10. Heavenly Sword

This game, unlike so many PS3 titles before it really showed me that buying this console was completely worth it. While short, Heavenly Sword uses the sixaxis controller for all its worth. It seamlessly guides you through standard controls, while taking full advantage of the motion control, and another first for me, was the use of full motion video during real time game play.… [Read More]

Hillary still plans to regulate video game industry.

This is merely one among many reasons why I will never vote for Hillary Clinton.

Regulating the gaming industry is not going to help anyone. Parents of children should not go out and buy them video games that they have never played themselves. If your kid is into gaming, and you’re not… get smart. Pick up a damned controller and find out what all the fuss is about. This is the responsibility that we take on as parents. I cannot impress this upon non-gamer parents enough.

I can’t tell you how many parents have looked at me in shock when I talk to their kids about a certain level of a video game that I’ve played and can actually follow the conversation. Kids do want to spend time with their parents doing the things that they enjoy. So gamer kids will talk to their parents about their video games, and it just doesn’t do the parent much good to sit and stare at them blankly and say, “Oh, that’s nice dear.” Several of my kids’ friends have this problem.… [Read More]

Terry Pratchett

Terry Pratchett has announced that he has been diagnosed with a very rare, early form of Alzheimer’s Disease. He’s staying positive and says he has at least a few books left in him, which is good to hear. However, because he is one of my absolute favorite authors, I wish that I could reach out and help him.

The geek in me reminds me that I have a ps3 that runs folding@home whenever it’s not being played. My great aunt also had Alzheimer’s disease and my grandmother is experiencing symptoms that are very similar to Alzheimer’s disease.

You don’t have to have a ps3 to run folding@home. You can run it on your computer when you’re not using it. The purpose of the project is to determine exactly how proteins fold and see if they can determine when the proteins will misfold, which may lead to a cure for Alzheimer’s Disease.… [Read More]