iOS 7 is Beyond Gorgeous

There are advantages to being married to an app developer… I mean, I suppose he could have put iOS 7 on his phone, but it IS a beta version after all. What if there were a major, major problem at the office and his phone randomly decided to stop ringing? I mean, it’s a beta! You never know what interesting problems you will encounter when installing a beta version of any OS. My wonderful husband had just pushed an app update out for his flagship app and since that app is now making money and paying for his developer account, and we have handed down our previous test devices to our college age children for their daily use, it just made sense that he use my phone as a test device. I have the internet. There are a million ways to get in touch with me that do not require my iPhone, besides I wanted to write this blog post.… [Read More]

There And Back Again: Lexi’s Tale

Lexi broke out of our yard and went missing for approximately 18 hours.

I have never been so scared.

I shoved my emotions aside and dealt with trying to find her and bring her home, but really, I was a mess. The idea that we might never see Lexi again haunted me last night, especially because I knew she did not have a microchip. Admittedly, it wasn’t a new discovery, but it didn’t change anything. I’d suspected it for a while, but since I didn’t have it 100% confirmed, I waffled. So, at first, I held on to the hope that Lexi had her tags. My number and address were on there. Surely a neighbor would find her.

Well, they did. Something about their dog set her off though. It may have been because they were trying to remove a tick from their dog’s neck when she happened upon them during her little adventure.… [Read More]

Living the Life With Labradors

I read this wonderful piece on DogStarDaily this week. At first, I was thinking, “Yeah! Right on!” as I was reading, and then it made me think about how I got to where I am today, as a dog owner, I mean.

I know that my three dogs are all rescues and most of the dogs I have owned and loved have been rescues. So it might seem like I might be “anti-breeder” but I’m not. I have purchased a puppy from a reputable breeder exactly once and I honestly can’t tell you if I have it in me to do so again. I was in a time and place in my life then, where I was ready to raise a puppy. I had all of the patience in the world for that puppy and I don’t find myself in that frame of mind right now so I’m not shopping around for a breeder.… [Read More]

Becoming Beautiful

I gave away our kitchen table.

It was the first piece of furniture my husband and I actually agreed on when we bought new furniture for this house. I loved that table. My family grew up around it. We had important conversations about everything from why Buttercup was the toughest Powerpuff Girl to what happened on September 11th, 2001 while we were eating dinner with our children that night. As they got older, we had the sex talk when sitting at that table and we sat quietly through meals as beloved family members and friends passed away. We discussed life and death and faith and politics and science and we did thousands of math problems. We wrote essays and drew pictures and wrapped packages and read books. It was the only piece of furniture that my kids colored on and when we took it apart to take it over to my friend, who has a wonderful little boy, I saw the crayon marks on the bottom of the table top and I smiled.… [Read More]

Lost My Geek Card

A friend and I used to crack jokes about her being on the edge of losing her girl card because she didn’t like chocolate, or pink. Her shoe collection and love of designer handbags was probably the only thing that spared her from having her girl status completely revoked. Now, I can’t imagine that anyone would ever accuse me of being in danger of losing my girl card, but there is another card that I have lost along the way.

My geek card.

My husband, who is one hell of a programmer, will admit (though, I wonder if he will do so in public) that back in the day when the whole world was still learning how to make the web work, my skills at web page building and graphics design were better than his. I knew how to maintain my own IRC server. I knew more than a little bit about Apache.… [Read More]