Geneon and the North American Anime Industry.

It’s so sad.

Geneon Entertainment is no longer shipping new anime titles as of last Tuesday. Amazon gave me a brief ray of hope that I would be able to acquire volume four of Karin, a series I started purchasing because my kids think it’s hilarious. But alas, my hopes were dashed. I’m disappointed that I won’t be able to finish buying the series, but I suppose that’s the way of things.

According to more recent reports, many of the major North American distributors of anime are showing a profit loss this year. Anime seems to be on a down turn. As it stands, there are only three companies remaining that will buy licenses for shows that they did not produce in Japan themselves, and one of those three companies is still clawing its way kicking and screaming from the loss it took on what was a really successful series for them.… [Read More]

I’m back!

After six days of living in absolute hell because our hosting provider was knocked offline for the stupidest reason, the Random Gemini is back!

If you’d like to read a news story on it, you can view it here. However, the article lists that the problems began on Saturday, when our website was actually taken down on Friday. Basically, it was a planned outage that went awry because the tech staff at our hosting service are completely clueless. They kept claiming errors that had nothing to do with the fact that their name servers were offline.

I have never, in my life, dealt with people that were so technically inept. Hopefully, none of our data was lost. We’re trying to determine the level of damage to our data now.

Wish me luck!… [Read More]

Congratulations Rush!

This is just awesome, so I thought I’d spread the link around.

Rush earned 2.1 million dollars for the families of soldiers and police officers killed in the line of duty by selling off a letter sent to Clear Channel asking that he be made to apologize for comments that he never actually made. Hilarious.

What’s even funnier is that Harry Reid tried to share in the credit for earning that money for charity. Typical politician.… [Read More]

Ellen and the Dog.

After reading the comments on this article in wapo, I had to say something.

Many of the commenters in this article are obviously clueless. One particularly irritated me. “Susie” wrote: “And to limit dogs to families with no kids (14 and over is essentially no kids) is ridiculous as well.” I’ve met many a dog that has no business being in a home with children, and many a child that has no business having a dog. There are lots of dogs that love and adore children, a friend of mine has a fat and happy golden retriever that absolutely adores children, and his other dog, a yellow lab/german shepherd mix, while an old lady these days, still manages to get some bounce in her step when she has children to frolick with.

My own dog is another story. He likes his children, but only his children. My dog and my daughter haven’t been famous friends, and my dog has been terrorized by my neighbor’s children in the past, and I only discovered it after I cleaned up cuts and knicks in his skin after a whole fist full of rocks were hucked at him.… [Read More]