It begins.

Oh the bad, bad thing that I have started this morning.

Today, I downloaded my first song from iTunes. I know that this is the start of an ongoing trend. Periodically, I’ll get songs stuck in my head, and on a whim I’ll go download them. It’s far too easy to do. I just have a certain amount of guilt over the particular song I chose to download today. It was a pop song, I mean come on… what was I thinking?

Watch the video on youtube, and feel free to laugh.

Unwritten – Natasha Bedingfield.[Read More]

Ten Guilty Pleasures

I found this wonderful list of 100 topics to blog about on Chris Brogan’s blog. If you’re interested after reading my ten guilty pleasures, pull down a topic and write one of your own, but be sure to link back to him.

When I think about guilty pleasures, I think of decadent things like chocolate. The common idea of what these things are tends to be food related, but I don’t really treat food like a guilty pleasure. I love to eat, we all do, but that’s not the point of a guilty pleasure if you really think about it. Guilty pleasures are things that we don’t need, but want to do for ourselves, in spite of the fact that we don’t need it. Some women think that taking long, luxurious, scented baths is a guilty pleasure. If you think about it, smoking can be a kind of guilty pleasure. Indulging in expanding one’s cd or dvd collection could also be added to the list.… [Read More]

Real Estate Busted.

I’ve been listening to more talk radio lately and I keep catching Dave Ramsey on the air. His basic tenants for living debt free are wise and make perfect sense to me. These are things that my husband and I already practice in our finances after digging ourselves out from under an amount of debt that we decided was too much for us to carry. We’ve never had to file bankruptcy, we never let our debt get that far. It just got tight one month and we made the rent by the skin of our teeth. That was when we got aggressive and paid off every card we had, and cut them up one by one.

Our home is something we never wanted to mess with or put at risk. We have never gambled on making sure there was a roof over our heads. That always came before everything else. Risking losing your house, so that you can live beyond your means is something that has never made sense to us.… [Read More]


Diana is a good friend of mine. After a long battle with cancer, chemotherapy knocked her immune system out of commission. She came down with spinal meningitis about five weeks ago, and they managed to beat it out of her system with antibiotics, but the antibiotics caused a series of yeast infections which eventually caused kidney failure and a host of other problems.

To make a long story short, she didn’t end up beating it. She was taken off life support and passed away quietly this weekend, as per her living will. Her ashes will be scattered in the Mississippi River.

Diana Probus was a wonderful writer and artist who inspired hundreds of people over the years. Her support and kindness kept me going when things got rough. I miss her terribly and I pray for her and her family as they celebrate her life in the weeks to come.

Why am I telling you all about this?… [Read More]