Live Blogging: Tofu Snickerdoodles

9:29 pm. My gemini sister, Saeryph, and I decided to make Tofu Snickerdoodles. This is accomplished, in theory at least, by taking the betty crocker cookbook recipe for snickerdoodles, replace the “margarine” with Smart Balance and the “shortening” with silky Tofu. In theory…. it should work.

9:45 pm. With everything washed, preparation begins. My husband tries to help by breaking out the food processor. I thwart his plans by grabbing the pastry blender. The dough is prepped, all is well after a brief splash of egg beater on the counter from the initial stir in process. Prepare for rolling!

10:00 pm. The cookies have been rolled into balls coated in splenda and cinnamon. In theory, this should work! Into the oven they go!

10:10 pm. *sigh* The cookies didn’t melt and form a cookie shape. We ended up with Tofu Snickerdoodle balls that are not quite done in the middle. My husband suggested grabbing as spatula and squashing them.… [Read More]

Windows Vista…

I found it. The laptop.

I walked by it in a store and it was the one.

It was sort of like finding the man of your dreams…

… only this was way better!

Or so I was led to believe, then I got it home. I started stripping off all the add ons. By the time I had finished deleting everything I was so sick of the windows vista “Are you sure you want to remove this program?” for stuff like the friggin’ AOL Trial for crying out loud! By the time I was done getting all of my stuff installed on it, I was ready to divorce Vista and go back to my E-XP.

You know things are bad when the dude at Best Buy says, “We’ve still got some copies of Windows XP if you want it. When I took mine home, the first thing I did was rip Vista off of there.”

We’ll see.… [Read More]

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

I loved it!

Yes, I finished reading it some time last night and spent the evening discussing a book with a friend who also finished reading it at about the same time I did. I won’t spoil it for you, but that tripe the reviewers are saying about the book being “grim” is ridiculous. Those reviewers obviously haven’t read The Prisoner of Azkaban.

It is called Harry Potter and the *Deathly* Hallows. Yes, it involves death. That’s the only spoiler I’ll give you.

I also went to the midnight release party for the book at Borders. It wasn’t really… all that exciting. They raffled off some stuff, they gave away some marketing swag for other books, most of which I and my children have already read, and otherwise I sat around and played Hotel Dusk on my DS, waiting for them to call my number so I could line up and get my book.… [Read More]

Signing off!

To my faithful blog readers and dear friends… oh the drama that must ensue!


I’m signing off for a few days. I’m having a procedure done that’s called a LEEP. This procedure will stop the cell mutation in my cervix, which could eventually end up with me being diagnosed with cervical cancer.

I’ll be fine, but I wanted to let everyone know what’s going on for two reasons. 1. Many of the people that read this blog care about me, and 2. To spread the word that this can happen to anyone and that there is something that you can do about it.

If they had invented Gardasil ten years ago, I would not be going in for outpatient surgery tomorrow that will ruin the rest of my summer. My daughter and I both are being vaccinated with Gardasil after my procedure. My doctor wants me vaccinated against the other variations of HPV right away and is extremely thrilled about the life-saving potential that Gardasil has put into his hands.… [Read More]


I think everyone is aware, but I haven’t posted on it directly so let me just say that as of two weeks ago, I received my Associate of Arts degree. I officially have a kollege edumacation.

The only thing I really have to say is that education changes you. It changes the way you view the world and I think it does this for the better. The one thing that my instructors gave me in college, that I have walked away with and run with in my life, is the ability to question everything.

I have a list of things that I took for granted, that I no longer take at face value. The big one, for good or ill, is people. I look at everyone around me much differently than I did before. My husband is no longer just the guy that I married. He’s my hero because in addition to being a breadwinner, he’s a domestic God.… [Read More]